StartPosition parameter for CaptureFocus()

An int parameter that allows you to set after what character in the string of text you start typing at when you call capturefocus on a textbox.

Example of why I need this:
If I wanted to make my chat system auto-complete names when you press a key, I can’t make it so the cursor/where you’re typing moves up after the autocompleted name unless I can use capturefocus to get you at the end of the string. Make sense?


Being able to read the position in the first place would be nice too.


Ah, autocompletion, such fun, but very tricky because of the lack to set/get the cursor position.
I’ve written an autocompletion that actually works very well:

The trick I used is (not reading letters from UIS, pls) having a second textbox as “keyboard”.
Everytime something gets added to the keyboard, I add it into the actual TextBox(/Label) in the right place.
The only UIS things I do listen for are: backspace, LeftAlt and arrows.
The left/right arrows are obviously to move the cursor in the real textbox and backspace to delete.
The LeftAlt and up/down arrows are to scroll trough auto-completion options and selecting them.
(I’m bored and have waaay to much time, don’t mind me writing whole books here)

It’s quite an annoying thing to make, especially since right now you need to make another TextBox.
With the get/set it would be easier, as then only the actual autocompletion is what remains.

@SheikhGoat You’ll also need to read the position, otherwise, if people move their cursor to the left and press the auto complete key, you won’t know if you have to autocomplete the last part of the string or something in the middle.

Yea that;s all very hacky when it can all be simply done if we were provided with the information we needed from textboxes

Secretly still hoping for this

What you’ve suggested seems like a niché use-case that isn’t too tricky to solve, are there other uses you might have?