State of Contemplation - Composing

State of Contemplation

A place to think, forget and remember.

I am very thrilled about composing these sounds and apparently they are soothing when they are completed and set:

Escaping The Mind

A Desperate Journey To Nowhere

What are my inspirations?

I was inspired by my inner thinking and influenced by soothing music(mostly Paul Haslinger and some other ambient music). Ethereal themes are still present.


A Desperate Journey To Nowhere was fully arranged.


Now, I’m not a composer or anything, so my feedback may seem a bit confusing.

Awesome soundtracks!

I like how the ambient theme is present throughout the entirety of both music pieces. All of the sounds flow well together, and the rhythm for both is definitely present and recognizable. Nice job with the fading techniques to top them off.

However, the first one faded away from that loud, strong, and meaningful tune quicker than I thought. I think you should continue that momentum for a few more seconds and then let it fade slowly and gradually. This may also help with conveying that contemplating feel.

Also, not sure if it’s just me, but the tracks sounded similar near the end. If this is the case, I’d recommend increasing the tempo of the second song (just near the end) so it sort of matches the rhythm it had in the beginning.

Other than that, these tracks were amazing and calming to hear. The titles were on-point, too. I’m looking forward to seeing more ambient music from you!

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Escaping The Mind
Nice blend of instruments. I really liked the new melody starting at around 1:40, fits perfectly with the theme of the song and definitely opens up a lot more options to flesh out the song. I also like how the song evolves into different rhythms and melodies in a steady, flowing fashion.

A Desperate Journey To Nowhere
The detuned plucks have your style written all over it, lol. This track is very similar to the first and uses similar elements while incorporating new ones, which is good. One thing I have to say is that I don’t really feel like the title matches the song, I could definitely visualize the “Journey to nowhere” but I didn’t see the “desperate” part.

Nice job overall!

I’m not getting a desperate feel on “A desperate Journey to Nowhere” the title doesn’t quite fit the song.

We’ll get to it once I’m getting closer to the end of that one. It is just the intro of the song, as far as I know.

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That’s a long intro! I can’t wait to hear the finished product!