Stationary particles (Pause effect)

As a roblox developer, it is currently a very painful & tedious task to put up Christmas lights on buildings and such. Also, it is impossible to have realistic particle grass because the particles are always removing. Here’s how I suggest we fix this.

-Add a “Pause” button to the ParticleEmitter. This will make it pause where it is at, and not add/remove, etc. any of its particles that the emitter is managing. This would allow us devs to quickly create realistic particle terrain (grass), or things such as Christmas lights. To demonstrate what this sort of thing would look like, I used a particleEmitter and took some screenshots. Here are the results:

Sorry about the low quality grass texture btw, I couldn’t find one that looked more realistic with a quick search :slight_smile:

Anyways, the point Is that if we can freeze our particleEmitters and make them stop adding/removing, it will speed up the building process for everyone.

One more note: This probably should be its own thread but I’ll include it in here anyways; Can we have U/V Scaling of our particleEmitter textures? Thanks!


Can’t you just set lifetime to like 1e9 so someone would have to be in your game for >30 years before they see the particle disappear? Just put the emitter in a part/attachment, move it around and call :Emit(1) on the places where you need to have grass/christmas lights. If you make their velocity 0 and all that, they should remain in place like that forever.

EDIT: actually it seems to be a capped lifetime regardless of the property window showing a much larger value of 1e9 for lifetime. Weird.