Bug reports need more transparency on their progress

As a bug reporter, it is currently too hard to know when a bug report is actively being addressed. Currently, a bug report’s progress can be tracked by viewing a filing confirmation, replies by engineer(s), and its status (Open, Need Information, Fixed, or Closed). However, from my experience, engineers mostly reply if an issue has a major impact or when an issue is resolved; Sometimes an engineer doesn’t reply to a report at all. Additionally, most bug reports are marked as “Open” which conveys little of their progress.

Either an “In Progress” status needs to be added or communication on progress for bug reports needs to be greatly improved. Here are 2 good examples of reports whose progress has lacked transparency:

  1. “Default” button on Profile Picture editor resets full body shot thumbnail incorrectly
  2. SteamVR once again automatically opens whenever starting roblox

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience reporting bugs by (1) knowing if an issue is actively being addressed, (2) not having to bump a report for an update as much, and (3) not having to periodically try to reproduce an issue to check if it has been resolved.

Cc: @Kairomatic and @Hooksmith


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into how we can do better here.

FYI, both tickets have recent activity internally in the last month (mostly, trying to figure out the right engineer to own the issue and look into it).

It’s not always possible to 1:1 map everything that happens internally to external world since we can’t account for every single kind of human operation on a task but we’ll see what can be improved.

Yes “in progress” state is an interesting idea we’re thinking about, just need to make sure it doesn’t give false promises to show this to users since different engineering teams have different workflows internally.