Stock Market (Miami)


Due to many players not understanding the concept of the stock market, we’ve decided to give you a guide.

To start, head downtown, to the stock exchange building (tallest building in the game), you can use a computer at your house, and you can also use a teleport, it’s located at the visitor spawn.

The timing of the stock market is 8AM-4PM in game. If you try to use the market out of these hours, a text will be displayed on your screen;

Click the computer during the stock market hours, and the stock frame will show up.

Now, you can click on any desired stock you wish to purchase. Remember to check your money balance to make sure you can afford to buy the stocks.

Here I chose to buy 3 shares from the company, ‘Donald Wallace’.

After I click the ‘Buy’ button, the shares own and the purchase price will update.

The previous price will help you make a profit, you can use it to tell if you’re making a profit or loss.

You always want to sell when the trading price is higher than the purchase price.

To sell the stock, just type in the number of shares you want to sell, and click ‘Sell’.

There is a share limit for every stock. You can own at maximum, 6 shares from each company. If you own the double stock gamepass, you can own up to 12 stocks!

Use the clock UI on the top of your screen to know if the stock exchange is open!


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