Stop changing my script editor colours every single update

I have noticed that certain lines of code their colours are being changed regularly in a lot of updates, this is making it more difficult for me to get used to the changes or making it harder to script as i have to adapt every single change.


Keep the colours the same or tell the people about the possibilities with colors + add a preset.

My script editor colors have changed since the last update even though i have had them set to custom all this time and there is no way to go back to the custom colours i have had before this update.


I had this same error except mine were pink and such. Glad someone else was having this errors.

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This a new update is made to help others understand their code better.
This can be customized so if you hate it for some reason, you can always change the colors to a different one.

^^ This is because the new update uses a new custom color format.
the full announcement post is below.

Tbh I like the new one they gave me.

I have always had them set to custom and since this update, all of my custom colors were edited.

Hi there, thanks for filing this bug report. This is most likely due to the recent changes as previously mentioned. If this continues as new updates are rolled out, please let us know.


Just updated a few minutes ago, the colors changed on their own again. This happened even when I had setup up custom colors to my own liking.