Stop client side unanchored parts from freezing?

I’ve been having this issue for a few months where I can’t work out how to stop certain unanchored parts from just freezing and ignoring physics updates until they are touched.

It seems like a network ownership issue, but the parts are created locally and so that shouldn’t be an issue?

Here’s what I have:

  • One part (marked in red) that is anchored
  • One part (marked in green) that is unanchored
  • I run a simple loop to move the anchored part upwards by adjusting it’s cframe or position
  • The unanchored part phases right through and doesn’t update until my character gets close to it

Is there a way to work around this? I want client sided unanchored parts to behave properly when they should be moved by an anchored part but can’t get it to reliably work.


You will need to set the NetworkOwnership of the green part to the player.

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Thanks, but as mentioned in the post:

It seems like a network ownership issue, but the parts are created locally and so that shouldn’t be an issue?

You cannot set the NetworkOwnership of client sided parts anyway since they are not visible on the server. If the part was on the server I would understand why the freezing was happening but I have no clue why it happens when everything is client-sided.

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My apologizes, I realize that now. Is it absolutely necessary that you create the part on the client? If not, could you do something like making it only visible for certain clients? Unfortunately I am pretty sure if the part is created on the client and the part is not within the simulation radius of the client then nothing is simulating the physics (nil).

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Yeah it is necessary, thanks for the response - it’s unfortunate if it is the case about the simulation radius!

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This isnt an ownership issue, when moving any part via cframe or position it doesnt update physics straight away and can phase through parts.

I found a soloution to this before and it was to quickly turn collision on then off after every step in the cframe or position tween inorder to force physics to update.

It does however mean that fast moving parts(with few tween spacings) can cause flings but without extensive physics scripting you wont really get a perfect physics system anyway

Thats bad, you should use a body mover! they simulate physics automatically and are much more smoother!