Stop creating the Status object

As a developer, why is this thing in my Humanoid?

It’s been 10 years man.

Statuses aren’t happening.

It’s time to let it go.


For those reading this thread that are confused (as I was), the Status object is an Instance automatically inserted into Humanoids, originally intended for managing status effects on specific characters. It’s been unfinished and non-functional for about a decade.


I’m pretty sure it’s crucial for verifying humanoid.

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I believe this post is instead refering to the Status functions of Humanoid which aren’t visibly used anywhere in the engine, quite interesting that they chose the same name for both of these though. It’s possible they are related but at that point it should probably be edited to an event instead.

this still exists in the engine?

Having it inherit Model creates problems when I’m trying to iterate through models in a character (dont ask), but nope, the Status shows up because yay I love broken stuff showing up in my IsA calls

Please remove it, its never worked, no one has ever used it.