Stop Giving Two Gender Options; Acknowledge Non-Binary Users

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard for non-binary users to comfortably sign up and use Roblox.

There is currently a “gender” selection upon trying to sign up.

You must choose one or the other, and not choosing either will result in an error message.


In Settings, you’re presented with a binary switch for gender:

It’s an off-on switch. There’s no way to pick neither.

Can you just remove this feature entirely, or add more options than male or female?

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because non-binary users would be more comfortable when signing up, and when on the platform itself.


imo it should just be removed. I don’t even know what purpose it served anyways other than making you a bacon hair on signup as a male or acorn hair as a female.

Perhaps it could prompt you with two avatars to choose and you can choose the one you want. No gender setting involved.


It is probably used for analytics purposes.


Nonetheless it harms the user experience for non-binary folks, if you really wanted to specify your gender i think it should be an option in settings but not enforced.

Or do it the way google does it. Choose male or female, or prefer not to say, or a custom option.


I like this solution for two reasons:

Firstly it allows roblox to open up new doors in starting user experience, allowing them to expand the default avatar collection with ease,

Secondly it still provides virtually the same function as the gender picker, allowing roblox to continue to get a fairly accurate grasp of the gender divide while also not offending those of a non-binary gender.

Removing the switch entirely would not work, since roblox wouldn’t know what starter avatar to give you therefor potentially causing new damage to new user experience.


Although it may sound trivial to add more options for gender, it really isn’t. Adding more than two options for gender will likely be confusing to most kids under 6 year olds creating a bad UX experience.

I think @Tiffblocks did a good job on summarizing a better solution by allowing people to pick between two or more starter characters rather than gender options.


Roblox shouldn’t be using gender as an analytics dimension, it enforces stereotypes.

The symptoms/correlations of “gender” can be analyzed as a spectrum from the user’s behavior without the user needing to actually specify it.


I think it’s pretty outdated to be asking for gender. The only reason why it might be useful is to collect data for analytics purposes. With that in mind if the loss of this data is not acceptable, simply providing a third, “Something else” option is best for user experience.

There was a new sign up page floating around under an AB test that offered the choice of a bunch of preset avatars, with a super simple image-based initial character customizer, but I can’t remember if that flow also asked for gender.