Stop listening in on players when they have VC muted

As someone who is quite mindful of my privacy, it’s worrying that Roblox doesn’t stop using the microphone driver when I’m muted in games.

While this could allow for quicker unmuting, I’d prefer it if Roblox actually stopped using my microphone while I’m muted instead of continuing to listen in.


Also, this definitely is supported since it stops using the device when VC dies.

At the time of writing, this has 65 likes, and Roblox doesn’t appear to have batted an eyelid to this.


Isn’t this an invasion of privacy to keep recording someone without their consent. If you are muted you shouldn’t be recorded.


Yes!!! And we shall pursuit a class action lawsuit against thy corporation!!!

Yes I’m using thy, I’ve become one with Medieval English grammar


Also, Not sure if this answers any questions that any one might have but in roblox’s QNA
It said " Can I use the voice feature without voice recording?" and the answer given was very vague saying “To help guarantee your safety and the safety of the overall community, all voice interactions are subject to the same reporting and moderation systems, including voice recording.” It’s not directly saying you are being recorded while muted but the way it’s phrased seems like you are.


Just to be sure, I checked whether Discord uses your microphone while you’re muted, and it absolutely does. So either a. One of the biggest social platforms somehow hasn’t been called out for recording you while muted or b. They just keep using the microphone for quicker unmuting.

Also, a staff member explicitly said that Roblox does not record you while muted.


Hopefully Roblox doesn’t ban anyone who says something about it…

If that happens… Then a lawsuit is coming in Nice and Hot.

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I hope this is true, and they aren’t spying. You never know with multimillion dollar company’s, They can and probably will buy their way out of breaking laws ect


I have seen other posts here of people getting banned for things they said while muted
(actually from the thread you linked in your message)
The question is if those are coincidences or not


In a development discussion thread on this, an admin said you are not being recorded while muted.

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