Stop players from moving NPC that plays an animation

Hey. I am once again searching for a solution for a little problem that I have.

I have many NPCs in my game that are playing animations (especially Idle animations). However, I don’t want players to push those around, since I can’t anchor them and have them play animations at the same time.

So, what can I do in order to let these NPCs play their animation and also freeze them in their position?

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Use this. Might help

It’s actually performance issue u need to try it on server. Might help.

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Didn’t help, but it’s good to know about this, so thank you.

I just found out that only anchoring the HumanoidRootPart solves this problem. Thanks for trying to help!


Anchor the humanoid root part, that’s what I used


The way I’ve tried is by making the NPC uncollidable with players. Using collision groups.