Stop trying to bypass 30 characters

Seriously… stop.

I see so many new users bypassing the 30 characters rule by doing 30 characters or one of the many other methods for this and its incredibly annoying… (but also very relaxing to report them all!)

Examples (Im not trying to attack anyone!):

The 30 characters rule is there for a reason, to make discussion more lively and less spammy.

Dont ever do “Yes that I want! 30300303 charsswss”, that will most likely get you reported by people like me for bypassing the 30 characters rule. Please, extend your message! Provide more context, provide specific details or you know… just LIKE THE POST??


Thanks for listening to my talk.

30 charsssssssssssss


yeah I agree with you, and luckily there is an official rule disallowing it:


I totally agree with this. I used to bypass this and I learned the hard way. It gets really annoying when other people do it.

Edit: Btw how do you make a hidden message?


Simply click the settings button when creating a message.

woah this is meta


Ah thanks. This really helped a lot! Been looking for how to do that for a while.



Glad you called this out, thank you.


I also agree with this issue because this issue doesn’t give what should you improve and 30 characters also can be found in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, #collaboration: portfolios and also other topics that related that 30 characters. So I suggest we should put a limit on 30 characters so that no one gonna spams a reply on your topic.

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There already is a limit for 30 characters, however people bypass it and its really annoying, (and a great stress reliever going through and reporting them all!)

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that is a great point but is it good if you report them all?

Yes its completely fine, you wont get in trouble as they are breaking the rules of the DevForum.


It is against the rules, so yes it is fine to flag those posts. Rule clearly states to not bypass any limits by adding unnecessary text.

@OutlookG you might also wanna suggest users to like instead of posting. Thanks! This helped me out a lot. is no better than a simple Thanks


Please flag these replies. DET should take it from there.


Sometimes there is valid reasons for having a post less than 30 characters though, it’s rare but it’s there.

Could you list a few examples of where you need to add extra text that hinders the quality of your post?


Yes thats what I do alot, however that all relies on users taking the step to report the messages and not every user knows to do that. A community message from staff in announcements or wherever just to let people know would be great.

There legit is no need for having any post below 30 characters, you can surly expand the message or just leave a like on the post if your saying something basic like “Thanks!”.

I don’t believe that people not knowing how to flag changes anything. Flagging is and remains the official way to report any violation of the rules.

If you should think the concept of flagging should be introduced into Discobot, that’s a place for a different topic.

As for a community announcement, there’s room to suggest that could be an idea.


Community announcement would defiantly let a lot more people know not to do this. Its not the fact that people dont know how to report, they just dont report because they think its fine and does not break any rules.

Lets face it, probably a good chunk of people here skimmed through the rules and forgot it right away (as goes with most rules).


I’ve definitely done this a couple of times and I’ve stopped now :sweat_smile: I do agree with you but some times you do need to tell someone, “No this doesn’t work,” etc.


Then expand on that and say why it does not work, if there are there any errors, did you follow exactly what they said? The purpose of this rule is to stop low effort posts that have 2 seconds of effort put in.

Put effort into your posts lol

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True true true, I think its a very good rule :+1::+1:

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