Storm Test Updates

Hey Fellow Developers!

I have recently created a project to test a Storm System for Roblox in preparation for Clouds. I was at first, messing around with this project, but then I started taking a more serious turn to it. Play the game Here. I will be running this similar to how Roblox is releasing Clouds. There will be 3 phases. Phaze 1, Phaze 2, and Phaze 3. Each Phaze has a letter attached to it. (3 of them) Phaze 1a, Phaze 1b, Phaze 1c, Phaze 2a, Phaze 2b, Ect.

Announcement #1

Hello There!

The Phase 1b Update to Storm Test has just released. This new update includes a much more realistic plains biome allowing for the game to be much more Immersive. This Update also Includes Windy Vegetation! This means wind will effect the Vegetation. Theres more though! Wildlife has been added into the Game! Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Eagles have all been introduced. Each with their own unique flying pattern.


The Roadmap contains Plans that are 100% coming to the game. I will add more to the roadmap the more I think about what to add. Less exited updates come first, more exiting last. (List not in any Order) Spoiler Text means the update is already released

  • Better Auto Exposure (Dynamic Exposure)
  • Graphical Update (Messing around with Graphics)
  • Reactive Rain (Rain Reacts with Objects in the game)
  • Better Storm Transition (Better transition from Clouds to Storm)
  • Lightning (Dynamic Lightning)
  • Wildlife (Flying Animals)

  • Growing Puddles
  • Debris Expansion (over 100 new random assets for Debris Including new Particles)
  • Dynamic Atmosphere