This is a HumanoidStateType as seen on the wiki here

It says that it doesn’t seem to be used there, but a lot of No-Clip exploits that I see are always setting the players state to 11, so I’ve set my game to autoban anyone who reaches this apparently unreachable state.

Anybody know if this state type can actually occur through normal means? Some players claim to have it happen via flinging but I’m pretty sure they’re just lying about it to get unbanned.


The state is implemented, but it doesn’t have any functionality.
It shouldn’t even be possible to go into that state.

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Actually, It can be used to noclip: (second script)

You can try it in studio. It does work.


I also found out that, as the name suggests, the humanoid doesn’t interact physically with other objects and with itself (not affected by gravity).

Objects still interact with the humanoid, just not the humanoid with them.

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Which is probably due to the fact that the state isn’t calculating anything.
it’s supposed to just switch back to normal on the next physics step, but obviously something is going wrong as your example demonstrates.

I’m not 100% sure if this state is actually triggered by legitimate means in practice. We’d have to ask someone like @CodeWriter who works on the Humanoid.

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I checked your profile to see what game you were talking about, and apparently you have a game with 1,871 people playing it (and counting), 230 visits (this isn’t increasing), and no servers.
Did you do this, or has Roblox messed up?

Anyway, if your game is already popular, instead of banning for being in state 11 you create a log.
Every time a player enters state 11, you record for how long for that session they have been in state 11.
Every time a player disconnects from the server, you add 1 to a particular value in a datastore, that value determined by how long they have been in state 11.

When you analyse the data, you should be able to determine whether to ban people for being in state 11.
If the state can occur naturally, there should be plenty of people who have been in state 11 for less than 5 seconds.


That 1,871 players 230 visits is a glitch with universes, as you can see it’s not the start place of the universe but still shows up on my profile.

And the game I was referring to was this one
The Streets 🔊 - Roblox

I’ll consider the idea of a counter activating whilst players are in state 11, this should fix random flukes with humanoids accidentally getting set to this state by whatever glitch.

That’ll only help with exploiters who don’t know how to script.
By the time the server registers the state change, the player has already had about 100ms of noclip time, and they can resume noclipping instantly with a script.

Pardon the severe necrobump,

I’m wondering if StrafingNoPhysics is still never used in Roblox’s core, and if its only functionality is still to noclip. In my anti-exploit, I check the HumanoidState every 10th of a second and if it’s either PlatformStand or StrafingNoPhysics, I’ll ban them for flying or noclipping respectively. However, ever since I implemented the anti-noclip, I’ve been getting a lot of reports from people saying they were falsely banned:

One of the people who said that they were falsely banned for it said that they were using an autoclicker to spam the sword tool. Now, I’m aware that spamming a tool allows players to walk through walls in some cases, but the only detecting for noclip I have is when a Humanoid is in StrafingNoPhysics. I’m wondering if spamming a tool can put you into StrafingNoPhysics for a split second.

The conversation:

If so, do you think it’s the right thing to do to kick players instead of ban them for that detection? I’m not looking to punish players for using an auto-clicker, contrary to what the person I was speaking with believed.

Thanks in advance


Btw, add protection to spamming a sword or any items. You need to make your own hot bar but it’s worth it. Someone can get a 1ms auto clicker, and basically go through anything. In the past jailbreak didn’t have protection and it was horrible. I did that to test it on my game and it does still work to this day, the only instance where it doesn’t work, is when you’re using an FPS Unlocker or you just have high fps.


This script works (place in serverscriptservice)

local toolCount = 0
if instance:IsA(‘Tool’) then
toolCount = toolCount + 1
while wait(3) and character:IsDescendantOf(workspace) do
if toolCount >= 20 then
player:Kick(‘Dont spam your tool’)
toolCount = 0