Streaming enabled not streaming in certain areas of parts and terrain on certain devices

Reproduction Steps

The issue was specifically found on my game RoVille:

The user who reported the issue was playing on PC. The streaming properties are as follows:
Screenshot 2022-06-20 092852

Expected Behavior

All areas are streaming in and out properly without any areas being missing

Actual Behavior

Here is a gif of a player experiencing the issue at hand:

The gif was recorded from my perspective, but the player reported not seeing the rest of the road or the terrain. This is demonstrated when the car that the user is driving falls through the ground.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Rarely
Date Last Experienced: 2022-06-20 00:06:00 (+02:00)


Any idea when this behavior first started appearing? How reproducible is the problem? Does the content never stream in? Does enabling streaming pause help the situation?

Any idea when this behavior first started appearing?
No clue, but I first noticed it when this player reported it to me.

How reproducible is the problem?
It very rarely happens from the looks of it. I’ve never got it to happen to me. The user also told me that this is the only time it happened to them.

Does the content never stream in?
The user who reported tried moving back and forth from the location that wasnt streamed it. It never seemed to stream in at any point.

Does enabling streaming pause help the situation?
I haven’t tested it and wont since streaming pause ends up popping up a lot on player’s screens and is very annoying for the user. I don’t think it would help though considering the fact that the area never seems to stream in at all.

Are you using a custom replication focus by any chance? Do you know if the problem remained if the player left the vehicle?

If you get any more reports, or steps to reproduce please update this thread.

This same issue also appears to occur in Eclipsis. The first player submitted report of this specific bug was at June 6th, but this bug might’ve started happening days before. Prior to around 8pm today, it happened infrequently but has increased drastically in frequency and now occurs in every game from my testing, severely impacting gameplay.

For instance, this spire is missing its entire bottom and appears to be floating.

I have verified that these missing parts are on the server using raycasts. Eclipsis’s terrain is composed of welded parts, and sometimes missing parts magically appear by destroying the parts adjacent.

Changing streaming pause to ClientPhysicsPause does not appear to impact this bug at all. For loading, Eclipsis briefly sets the player’s ReplicationFocus to a part near where the player will spawn, calls player:RequestStreamAroundAsync, and resets ReplicationFocus to nil afterwards. Here are the streaming settings, if relevant:

Edit: I have disabled streaming in Eclipsis until this issue can be resolved as player counts have dropped drastically.


This also occurs in Greenville. Other users cars for the player randomly disappear and reappear at random times, as shown in these video clips:

Can confirm we have recently (within the past few days) have started receiving multiple reports about players’ vehicles disappearing/re-appearing for our game ER:LC.

In the below video, the flashing red/blue dot on the minimap + where the helictoper’s spotlight is pointing shows that a player inside a vehicle is there at least on the server.


We’re having a wave of issues on our fully streaming enabled game with characters desynchronising between clients leading to reports of players going invisible, appearing where they are not and being able to take damage etc despite being on other side of the map. These issues only started arising yesterday.


Are you saying that these events started to become more frequent yesterday? Or are these things that have been reported for a while.

Have any of you been able to repro this easily?

Haven’t been able to get a solid repro case. For us, reports started coming in yesterday and multiple videos supporting it

I just disabled something at 11:48am PST. It will take some time for every server to take this on, but fresh servers will have a Streaming refactor from yesterday disabled.

Please let me know if the reports start going away, it might take ~1hr before most servers don’t have this. In the mean time I would love more more info on what was being reported if possible. Either post it here or please DM via this forum.

The issues with characters desyncing between clients started yesterday. Will compile and DM you all the videos/screenshots we got from our players.

As a side note there was another streaming issue that’s been reported since last week where the ‘gameplay paused’ menu popping up a lot more.

@Shawnyg @Ancientblue @milk74l8O @xethlyx
Please let me know if it seems to have been resolved on newer servers, and whether the volume of complaints has visible gone down.

Appears to be fixed now, there are no longer noticable defects with terrain.

Edit: sent more details in private messages

Is there any way you can provide me with whatever you use to generate terrain like this? Hopefully not an entire scripted game, but exclusively something that makes the terrain as you use it in game?

I’ll shutdown servers later tonight to allow fresh servers since reports are still coming in. The overall reports consisted of vehicles disappearing and reappearing at a different location. I’ll attach a few more videos of user-submitted reports if it helps.

Nissan GTR by the lake appearing out of thin air

Nissan GTR appearing out of thin air

Cop in pursuit of an invisible vehicle (check minimap and spotlight from heli is on the player)

Any other video follows along these lines. We use a modified version of the popular A-Chassis vehicle chassis script. Of course when the player is driving the vehicle, they have complete network ownership. When they get inside one of our vehicles, we do force the character itself invisible.

Since restarting the servers we have not received any further reports of this issue.

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Can agree with this statement. Shutdown servers at 11PM ET last night, not a single report since.

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Just notifying everyone here. I was able to reproduce and fix all of the issues reported here except for the one reported by @Ancientblue. I have notified them and @vikingboy of this fact.

Tomorrow I will be enabling a fixed version of this optimization, I will re-ping everyone who reported issues here for immediate feedback once I do! So keep an eye out on this thread tomorrow!


In about 1 hour I will enable the fixed version.

Doing some final testing to make sure there are no negative effects on the latest version!