Streaming/Network Related Bug

As of today, my game Island Tribes has been reported to be unplayable in many different ways, including character failing to load in, no animations playing, loading screen infinite, and other network related things. A variety of new, uncontrolled bugs that popped up out of nowhere.

Once I was able to reproduce it (however, it’s inconsistent), the client log spit out a bunch of core errors that I’ve never seen before. These errors are consistent with what other players are reporting.

This ends up breaking the game because (somehow) localPlayer.Character.PrimaryPart is nil permanently, even though the character physically loads in and is visible on the client. This has never been an issue before, up until today.

Infinite loading screen on client, server spitting out this error:

Launching the game resulted in my client being stuck like this infinitely (no movement anywhere, it’s a static screen). Unable to do anything. I relaunched and it loaded fine. Very inconsistent.

Unfortunately I do not have a repro file or step by step reproduction, as the issue is inconsistent and seems to be related to core client scripts and/or networking.

The game utilizes StreamingEnabled & Player.ReplicationFocus. Neither of these properties have changed recently.
I’m also getting a lot of random HttpError (NetFail) errors from MarketPlaceService and ChatModules.FriendJoinNotifier, which is also unusual


I was able to get players able to play again by restructuring some client code that references the character. Before, as long as PrimaryPart was not nil, then all the other limbs would be not nil too. That is no longer the case and was the cause of my issues.


I started getting the CoreGui error a day or two ago and I figured out that it was caused by disabling the top bar, although it didn’t break my game in any way that I noticed.

I was able to reproduce the error message 100% of the times with the following code in a LocalScript under StarterPlayerScripts:

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("TopbarEnabled", false)


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