Streamlined Tutorial

Streamlined Tutorial

Welcome to Streamlined, the game is a bit complex so we provided a tutorial for you!

This tutorial is also available in Dutch (this tutorial has not been updated yet for the new UI)

Spawning a train

To spawn a train you click the train button next to the chat button.
Spawn icon

After you clicked the spawn button you will be given an engine selection screen. Here you can select an engine that you like. At the start of the game you get a few free engines. You can unlock other engines by buying them with credits. These credits can be earned by driving routes or bought with Robux. Some engines are only available to be bought with Robux.

The engines are divided into categories, they can either pull passengers, freight, or both. There is another category called “Shunters”, these are a bit more special. They can only pull goods wagons and drive a different sort of route. These routes are currently temporary, we will add an actual shunting system in the future!

You select an engine by clicking on the thumbnail of the engine, at the bottom you can see what type of engine it is (Passenger, freight, mixed or a shunter) and how much weight it can pull. Once you selected an engine it will appear on the turntable

Engine that you do not own yet shows either a price or a current price and the price at a certain level. When you have not reached the unlock level of an engine yet the engine will be more expensive and become cheaper the closer you are to the unlock level.

After you have selected an engine you can click the “Play” button, if the button is grey it means you don’t own the engine. You can either select a different one or buy the selected one.

Now you have arrived at the consist builder, here you can create a custom consist. At the top of the screen you can select a wagon category with the arrow buttons. Once you have selected a category you can insert any owned wagon of that category into your consist! Note that you are limited to a length of 175 meter and a max amount of weight depending on the engine you selected. Each wagon has its own weight, you can see the weight of a wagon on the right of your screen when you selected it.

Some wagons have multiple liveries, you must selected one of the liveries on the right of your screen in order to add the wagon to your consist.
Select a livery

You might have noticed that there is a category called “Special”. Here you can find wagons that provide a bonus amount of credits when they are in your consist. But there is a catch, you can only add one of these wagons to your consist. Besides that they can only be added to the front and rear of your consist.

Once you are happy with your consist you can continue to the routes by pressing the “Play” button. Firstly you select a point where you want to start with your train. After selecting one you will be presented with a few destinations. Select the destination that you like and the route will be presented on the map. Some routes might be locked, you unlock these by leveling up. Once you are finished with selecting a route you can press the “Play” button and your train will be spawned!

Driving a train

Congratulations, you managed to spawn a train! Now the real fun can begin, let’s start driving our train! To start driving you must move the “Brake” slider to the off position, once you have done that we can move the throttle slider to the on position. Your train should now start to move!

On your screen you can see a pointer, it points to the location where you need to stop. Once you are getting close to the location where you need to stop you need to move the brake lever to the on position. Try to stop as close as possible to the pointer, we don’t want passengers falling off the train!

You might have noticed that the marker has a color, this color indicates what kind of stop it is.

Yellow: here you will reverse your train. You always need to stop here when you don’t your train will get deleted!

Red: here you will load cargo or passengers, you don’t need to stop here but note that you will earn fewer credits or even none!

Green: this is your final stop, you always need to stop here to unload your cargo or passengers. Most of the time you will complete your route after stopping here, sometimes you need to drive to a final location first before getting your reward.

Once you have stopped at your final pointer you will be presented with a reward screen. Depending on your performance during the route you will be given more or fewer credits. Things like running through red lights, stopping after the pointer, or not stopping at all with impact this!

If you liked driving the route you can press the “Reverse” button, you will do the route again but in the opposite direction this time! But if you are bored you can click the cancel button, currently we don’t support free roam so your train will get deleted and you must spawn a new one if you want to drive a different route.

Other features

There are lots of other features in the game, here you can find a quick list of those features and how to access them/use them.


You can open the map by pressing M on your keyboard. In this map you can see other trains driving around, on the right there is a list of location where you can teleport to.

Player List

When you hold tab on your keyboard a player list opens, here you can see all players currently in the game.


While holding shift your player will get a speed boost so you can explore the map at a more fun pace!

Camera views

While driving your train you can switch between different camera modes by clicking the buttons or pressing 1-4 on your keyboard. On some views you will cycle to the next wagon/camera position if you click on the button again. On the bogie view you can press the button with your right mouse button and it will switch sides.

Signs and boards

Streamlined is full of signs and boards which are used to help you the player feel a stronger sense of realism. Here are some boards you will commonly see throughout your journey. [Disclaimer] You are not forced to follow these boards if you don’t want to.


Speed board
This is a speed board, these are found commonly around the map and are used to show upcoming speed changes. The current speed is also represented on the speedometer with a red pointer.

Whistle board
This is a whistle board, these are commonly found in areas with level crossings and street running zones.

Signal warning board
This is a signal warning board, this board shows you upcoming signals and warns you of them. These are commonly found on sharp turns or areas with poor visibility.


Streamlined involves the use of many different signals which the player can choose to follow. Doing this can give you in game bonuses.

Generic signal
This is the most commonly used signal in streamlined and it follows the simple rules of green for go and red for stop.

Warning signal
This signal is used for warning you about upcoming signal changes. When the signal is in the yellow position this means the upcoming signal is red and you should slow down. If the signal is in the green position you can continue on.

Key binds

These are the default key binds of the game, if you do not like these you can change them in settings.
W - Throttle up
S - Throttle down
A - Apply brakes
D - Release brakes

Spacebar - Whistle/high horn
B - Bell/low horn
C - cylinders
L - Lights
X - Despawn train
T - Load/unload/reverse/train

1 - Normal camera
2 - Follow camera
3- Driver view
4 - Bogie view
Q - Zoom in
E - Zoom out
R - Reset zoom
P - Disable all UI (only while in a train!)

M - Open map
Tab - View playerlist

We hope everything is clear for you now, make sure to enjoy the game! If you still have more questions you can always ask other players in your game for help.