Announcing: Stop stressing about copyright claims - Use Strofe to make your own music in minutes!

please consider adding a indie genre :pray:

Hey there! You can leave suggestions for the creators in the Discord Server.

This would have been useful to potentially make OSTs for roblox games. But I still hate it that roblox forces you to spend robux just to upload audio.

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We have tried asking roblox that we could have audio for free however roblox didn’t allow this so we have a library that we spent robux on for audio.

Would you like the link?

Sure why not, i plan to make two roblox game titles before I move on to Unity.

Here you go :slight_smile:

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We’ve officially launched our first Roblox Game Jam! Check out the discord link in the messages above for details.

The theme is Minigames! All submissions must be in by this Friday, March 4th.

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The replied message above has the link to the Discord channel - with details in the announcements channel.

Oh my gosh. This is so good!! Now I don’t have to spend a bunch of time trying to figure how other music making websites work or spend time making my own. Thank you for this. :+1:

Also, is buying with money the only way to get coins?

Nevermind I just have to share this with people to get more coins.

You can also join our Discord to attend events.

Are you guys planning to add more genres of music in the future?

Definitely! We most recently added a Latin genre.

For everyone who was using our public songs in their experiences and now can’t because they’re private:

I’ve uploaded our public music library to this Google Drive folder -

Feel free to use any of these in your Roblox Experiences!


This looks like a class application. Quick question, why can I sometimes not regenerate tracks / instruments / cells?

This is awesome. Are we able to combine multiple moods in the future?

Does the software by any chance also just provide Midis?
I’d like to generate midis only and edit them further in a program like FL Studio.

Yes you can download Midis file formats.

Strofe Community Moderator

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Oh that’s actually amazing.
And also love how quick that reply was lol.
Thank you very much.

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No worries we are happy to help :slight_smile:

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