Struggling with AutomaticCanvasSize

I’ve been spending quite a few hours trying to make the AutomaticCanvasSize property work, but independent of what i do it doesn’t seem to work.


As you can see there are 3 TextButton options inside the “moderate” frame

“Ban, votekick and kick”. But even thou the last option is out of the box, the Canvas doesn’t show up.

The method i am using:


“StoreOptions” is a ScrollingFrame and “Options” is a Frame.

Options frame has the AutomaticSize set to Y while StoreOptions frame has the AutomaticCanvasSize set to Y. AutomaticSize works fine for the Options Frame but when it comes to “AutomaticCanvasSize” on the ScrollingFrame, the scrolling bar never shows up.

(I’ve tried moving everything to “StoreOptions” ScrollingFrame and trashing the “Options” Frame but it doesn’t work one way or the other.)

Also, when i start sizing the TextButtons with Offset instead of Scale, the scrolling bar shows up.

Hope someone can help.

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Hey, the property only works if the TextButtons size are set to offset, which makes the property pretty useless or incomplete, a ticket has been created to fix this problem though. AutomaticCanvasSize Breaks for GuiObject with UIAspectRatioConstraint and Children - #3 by DrRanchDressing

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Oh, that’s a big OOF, guess i gotta script it then…

Anyway, thanks for the information