Struggling with making a sword

I think he said emulate 3 button. Thank you for responding.

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Yeah for sure! It’s somewhere in the user preference settings.

I had just finished the video so I’m going to attempt to make a basic sword now. I’ll watch some other ones before I make it though.

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I was watching the video above and I’m not sure on how to get to the background images. I was pressing end like he said and it wasn’t working.

I accidentally gave it to myself instead of you.

Can you give me the timestamp?

Around 0:56 for how to make a cool sword video in this topic.

Ah, he’s saying “press N”, not “press End”

Thanks you for correcting me! I can continue now.

Also do you know how to zoom in in Blender?

Middle mouse button with a mouse, on a trackpad you use two fingers like you’re scrolling through a web page (at least, that’s how I have it set up. Not sure if that’s the default.)

FBX works as well, for importing.