Struggling with making a sword

So I am struggling making the blade for swords and knifes. No matter how hard I try to line up my unions it ends up uneven and doesn’t look right. It would be useful if I can get some advice or tips for this issue.


Can you provide an image of what you ended up with?

Since I wasn’t happy with the result, I had deleted it. It may be possible to try to recreate something like it though.

I too struggled with making swords, I’m not the best builder but having references can help (like a image from google etc)

I hired a guy to make me a couple of sword meshes, but I never used them

you can use these as a reference to build from or use them for your game

Blade.obj (4.0 KB)
Blade_2.fbx (18.4 KB)
Blade_3.fbx (27.0 KB)



Thank you for the references but do you know how to create something similar by yourself? I will definitely use the references by the way.

you could try using blender

Aside from that the only way I know how to do it is via unions, I’m not a expert with unions so I’m not quite sure how to make a quality sword so someone else would have to answer that question

you could just keep experimenting and trying different methods until you get satisfactory results

try starting out with an insanely basic blade and work your way up

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If you are using Roblox Studio for making a sword, I recommend a finer app in making a mesh like Blender.

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In roblox studio, it’s basically impossible to get a perfect blade on a sword. I tried too at making a bladed sword and it ended the same way. Either you go blocky and have a shape with no blade or use blender and make a mesh sword.

I will probably have to download blender, but it may be good cause you can use it for both building and animations. But then I’m pretty sure I’ll have to import to studio itself.

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You will need to export from blender usually as an OBJ to import into studio.

The only way of accurately making proper blades in roblox is by using precise measurements.
Set your movement increment up to suit the type of depth you want the blade to have.

An alternative would be to use Blender or a modeling program.

You will need to export from blender usually as an OBJ to import into studio.

I believe you can also export as FBX which preserves textures? I heard that somewhere, but I could be wrong.

Anyways, yeah, Blender is definitely worth learning. I would start off with the most recent version (2.8) because that is where the program is heading, but some Roblox plugins used to export and import models don’t work with it for some reason. But if you’re just sticking to basic meshes, whatever version is fine. It’s a little daunting at first but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly if you watch some good tutorials.

Can you provide a video for using Blender for the first time? Will definitely help me by all means.

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This is a good place to start IMO.

While Blender may be easier for some fancy designs, and is for sure a good thing to learn, there are certainly plenty of easy techniques with unions to make blade building effective.
There are two practical methods:

  1. Calculate everything and do the math to get the exact shape you want. Not the most fun, and not something I’m anywhere near good enough to help with. That brings us to the better method:
  2. Build the blade in quarters (For straight blades, for curved blades build in halves).
    While this isn’t the best example, this was a quick blade build I threw together in the past 5 min to demonstrate the technique.

    Generally, you should be able to shape the blade into the overall form you want with just a quarter of it, as it’s relatively easy to avoid bumps and uneven parts compared to attempting to do multiple sides at once. Once you have the first quarter how you like it, take a duplicate and un-union it completely, duplicate it over to the other side with a plugin, (Stravant - Model Reflect - Roblox), and duplicate both over/rotate to finish the last half of the blade. While learning Blender is a critical skill in the development environment of Roblox, it is just as important to be capable of using the tools Roblox provides to the fullest.
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Best thing I do when it comes to creating something, is make a blueprint, from there I can work out where each negative will be or each part will go to make up that design. And knives are the same. You can display each way the knife will be and where each curve or angle will be within the design.


Everyone else has offered their tips, but honestly if the unions are becoming difficult you could recreate the edges with wedges and make more of a flat blade. You could also add wedges again to create a blade. I could offer some example pics, but I’m not really sure if you’re going for more low-poly or detailed. But as people said above, the most ideal way to make swords is probably Blender nowadays for various reasons, but you could get away with parts if you know what you’re doing.

What I would do if your using uinion/negate is situate your parts for one angle of the blade then use a mirror plugin is what I use, to flip it to the other edge of the sword, then take and mirror those two sections for the other side of the blade. Then negate those parts and union them with the part your using for the blade

Not sure if makes sense but I tried my best to explain it how I thought of it.

Like others said though blender would be better, this is just what I came up with for doing it the Union method.

How would you rotate the 3d viewport on laptop. I don’t currently have a mouse on me.

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I think you can bind it to another key or emulate it? I think he mentions it in one of his videos but I’m not totally sure.