Stuck on "Joining Server..." with VPN

As of early November, I can’t join a Roblox game with my TunnelBear VPN enabled. The client launches but gets stuck on “Joining server…” until I close the program. Disabling the VPN will solve the issue, but that also defeats the purpose of a VPN. :stuck_out_tongue:


Studio still starts/opens places just fine, but starting a test will take an incredibly long time - nearly a minute - while without a VPN it starts in ~5 seconds.

There’s a similar bug report here, but it had different symptoms and was patched in September:


I am also experiencing this issue on a different VPN (Norton VPN). I used to be able to use it fine until as of mid November to which I’ve had the issue originally pointed out in this post as well as Roblox studio’s team create erroring everytime with a VPN enabled.

I believe some recent change in regards to Roblox has somehow caused a conflicting error for users using VPNs, and I’m not entirely sure if there’s any workarounds to this at the moment.

The VPN may be slowing down your connection. When my connection is very poor I get stuck on the joining server screen. Maybe run a few speedtests.

I use my VPN all day, every day with no speed issues.


Do you use other programs that are online like discord and if so do they also run without problems?

Don’t you think I would have gone over these basic troubleshooting steps prior to filing a bug report? It’s obviously a problem on Roblox’s end, bearing major similarity to previous VPN-related problems they’ve had.

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Try using different VPNs. TunnelBear VPN may be having slowdowns right now. You may have already done this but you never mentioned that you did this already.

I too use a VPN, although I’m not getting this issue. In my case it’s Nord. It might be as @laughablehaha said and depends on the service you’re using. Otherwise, I think it might have to do with where your VPN is trying to connect you in the world. If you haven’t already, did you try adjusting your VPN to change locations and see if that helps? If so, then I don’t think I can add anything else to this.

This seems to have been resolved for me. Is it fixed on a broader scale?

(Please don’t vote if this issue didn’t affect you previously)

Does this still affect you?
  • I still can’t join games
  • I can now join games again

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