Stud-based Boat

hiya, first post in a while
a few weeks ago, i joined the jackeryz boat contest. the boat i built is 100% my creation, with no free models included. i went for a classic/stud like theme, and i’m really proud of it.

please provide any opinions below =D
(the red square is where you sit, the bottle next to it contains the old version of the ship)


Wow, I love it! Couldn’t be made better!

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its way to small. Make it atleast 27 * bigger.

the contest itself downgrades boat size although only the deck has collisions anyway to fit game rules, but it’s much bigger than it seems.
(just a dummy for size reference)

Overall, lovely design. My only complaint is that the poles are just a bit too tall, in my view, and that the flags are just a bit too small. Other than that, lovely build. Keep it up.


I think my boat is better tbh Raw Pirate Ship make it more like mine to improve yours.

i couldn’t go too intense as to not lag the contest game, but i wanted to get as much as possible within a relatively strict time limit (around a week) so i wouldn’t miss it

Your boat is looking great too, but I think you were going for a different style.