Studio Constantly Crashing on Studio Solo Play

  • Around 1/4th of every time I test solo in Studio it will crash. This has been happening for a little over a week. Seems like it started to occur when Beams were released.

  • It seems the bug happens at random.With or without team create on. Are there logs I can find to see what’s causing this?

  • As you can see here, normal testing and it randomly crashed without warning or a key action.

  • If there are any types of logs I can dig up and post I’m willing to do so. This has happened in 2 of my games so far. I’m not sure how this can be reproduced.


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What OS are you on? Does this ever happen with an empty baseplate? If not, can you send a place that has this issue? Does this occur if you have no Beams in your place?

Windows 10 Home
I will test on an empty baseplate with & w/o beams and get back with you ASAP. Thanks.

I could not replicate this on other games. Testing the impacted game in studio with my new laptop to see if it happens there too.

If this happens on your other machine as well, can you send me the place file you’re having issues with?

Yes I’ll send the place file is the problem keeps occuring.