Studio crashes when I click play

Hey guys, I have been trying to test out my game but whenever I click play, I assume my studio crashes as it just closes. This has been happening randomly, as in it never happened before but just began one day when I opened a studio, and now it won’t let me test. I can test it in a team test, which doesn’t crash. I have tried this in different experiences, and I get the same result. I am using the latest version of Roblox Studio with the beta launcher.

Anyone know a solution in how I can fix this?


Do you have a while true do loop?

No, as I said I tried this in multiple experiences and I get the same result on all

We’re going to need a bit more information here…

Like what? Is there somewhere I can view crash logs?

it could be because of your scripts

do you have any plugins from an unverified creators?

For the last time, I tried this with multiple experiences, meaning a script/model or anything in the game I added cannot cause it

No, I don’t have any plugins added or enabled, only ones made by me / my team. Those plugins can’t be the cause as the same plugins are being used by other people in my game, which causes no issues for them.

make sure none of those plugins have any hidden scripts or game crashers most of the time it at the very bottom of a script

The plugins are made by me, I have been using them for ages and they do not cause any issues to the other developers that use it, I only recently got this issue. I do not think it is plugin based

ok well maybe just uninstall it then reinstall it?

Tried that too, didn’t change anything :man_shrugging:

maybe contact developer support about it and see if they can do anything?

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Where could I do that? Is it on the devforum?

Have you tried testing out Roblox Studio in its freshest state? (Like no plugin, script, just default Roblox studio)

contact the roblox support providing the latest roblox studio log located in AppData/Local/Roblox/logs

Ah, see that is what I was looking for thank you

is this look like what is happening to you bc it is happening to me


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Do you have any scripts in the game?
Are ALL of those parts anchored? Unanchored ones may be causing extreme physics calculations, overloading your computer and hence crashing studio