Studio crashes when I click play

Hello, check the output if you see the script execution time reached the error
there is no optimized loop
also, check mesh optimization maybe meshes are crashing the studio
last fix way search “Script” if there some suspicious script destroy it

also, is normal Roblox player to crash?

Maybe 1 of your script has loop that never ends. Like while true do end, if there is you need to put 1 wait() in loop

There was an issue with Roblox Studio effecting users that even tried to use Studio
I know because i was effected, try these:

  • Update Your Drivers
  • Try different Graphics Settings

Source (If you want to Look):

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If this happens to anyone, here are some solutions on how you can fix it:

First of all try the basics,

  • Relog onto studio
  • Check your scripts and meshes
  1. Check your scripts for viruses, or infinitely running loops
  2. Check mesh optimizations
  • Check if it happens on other games
  1. If it happens on all games, it should be a studio problem so follow the steps below
  2. If it doesn’t happen in any other game, check the steps above

If these do not work try these solutions,

If these do not work you it’s time to check your logs,

  • Follow these steps to get your studio crash log
  1. Press Windows + R, or open Run from the Windows search menu
  2. Type in appdata


  1. When your file explorer opens, click Local and find Roblox


  1. Head to your logs and check the date to find the latest Log,

  1. Your Roblox Studio log should have numbers and _Studio at the end of it
  • If you do not understand the log, contact Roblox studio

Last option,

  • If none of these steps work for you, like @DasKairo has mentioned, Update your device and graphic drivers
  • If this doesn’t work either, I have no other solution left, you can try getting a new graphics card or make sure you have enough RAM to run Roblox Studio, recommended RAM is 4GBs.

( Thank you to all the solutions in the reply, @DasKairo @Oldhalit09 @PoppyandNeivaarecute @absentdenik @weding3 )


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