Studio Crashes when toolbox item is right clicked

There was an update a while ago, allowing a asset from the toolbox to be right clicked to open a menu offering extra options, but sometimes right-clicking on a asset crashes studio entirely.
Disclaimer: I use the toolbox only for images, but I believe it happens with other assets as well.

This bug happens sometimes, and so far it seems to happen in any game even if it’s the default places.

And I don’t know the exact reason behind the crash, but I think it might be that the menu calls for the asset Id and other options immediately when it should wait to get them.


Sorry for the Bump! But I’m having the same issue here, It’s pretty annoying as I’m always using the Toolbox for Images/Assets and everytime I try to get an Asset’s ID It either crashes or freezes.

your bug wont be investigated if you dont do the following things, more info here:

As the OP did not use the bug report format, you should reply using it.