Studio crashes while trying to open new template

Studio is crashing when I try to open a new template. The problem happens when trying to open classic baseplate, but not when opening the new baseplate or flat terrain. The problem started today (06/22/2023). Here’s a video of the problem:


Could you provide some logs, please? You can find how to do that here: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

Yes. How do I send the log to you privately?

Simply re-edit your post following the Bug Report format, as what @thirdtakeonit said. Unless you would like to share crash dumps or similar, you can private message.

Just to confirm, I’ve received you DM and filed an internal ticket with the additional info that you provided. Thanks!

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Hi Bachatronic, are you still able to reproduce this from your end? Logs indicate an issue on our servers, but it might have been temporary. Let us know!

Hello butterthebig. Sorry I missed your question in the pile of updates I have. I never had the problem again a week or so after I started this thread.

Thank you.

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