Studio Dark Theme


I don’t know if anyone told you yet, but as far as the toolbox white bleeding through click the button that says “none” on the bottom and it SHOULD vanish.


Yes. Unless they plan to add in script editor theme presets, yes it is bad.


It’s reasonable to assume that there are users don’t save their editor colors elsewhere. It’s also reasonable to assume that there are users that have spent hours fine-tuning their colors. If I were one of these users, I would not be very happy if studio just forgot my theme. Any change where information can be lost requires a warning at a minimum.


I think what EchoReaper’s saying is that you can switch back to light mode and your old script editor colors will be there. The alternative would be only one script editor color scheme regardless of your studio being in light or dark mode, which I can see would be even more annoying for people who want to switch frequently between the two and prefer different color editor schemes for both modes.

But also I’m just typing this on my phone and haven’t switched on dark mode yet so take this with a grain of salt


There’s nothing wrong with that, having only one script editor theme for both studio themes would be much worse if you wanted to have a separate script editor theme for each studio theme. If you want to have the same one across both themes, just copy the values, switch the theme and enter them again.


Resyncable mentioned a way to fix the top bar of the Studio window looking awful if your Windows 10 personalization settings are still default. The following are their instructions.

For some reason, in Windows 10 they changed the title bar to, by default, not take on the colour assigned from the personalization settings - hence why the personalization settings also changed.

These instructions will only apply to Windows 10!
To get a dark studio title bar, it’s extremely easy

  1. Go to Windows Settings - not control panel

  2. Find colours under home

  3. Select black/grey and tick “Show accent colour on the following surfaces” > Title Bars and Start, Taskbar and action center

  4. Here is the finished result in studio (just remember it will be for all programs so programs like Notepad also get the accent colour)


NOTE: Very frustratingly this also has an annoying side effect because Windows 10 will only apply the accent colour to the currently focused Window (e.g. if you clicked on Discord on another screen) it will cause studio title bar to revert back to white.

There is a hackish solution for Windows 10 to force it to stay the accent color, but that’s a long story and requires modifying Windows 10 files (but results in hugely better results if you see mine). Here’s mine with a dark theme applied to everything.


The problem here is that they can’t just scrap a feature because one person asks for it to change. Myself, and clearly others based on responses to you, like the way it is now. I would have hated if it carried my theme over to dark theme, and greatly prefer the way it is now.

If you want to have the ability to make preset script editor colors, then that’s something completely seperate from dark theme and belongs in a #platform-feedback:studio-features thread.


Just to clear up some confusion here: Yes, Studio does save the script color themes per UI Theme.
If you’re on Windows, you can actually see this data stored in the Registry Editor (regedit.exe)



I can understand why some people might have been caught off guard by this. Perhaps the Studio team could make it copy over the LightEditorColors to the DarkEditorColors if the editorBackgroundColor is using a dark color?

I wouldn’t call it bad programming because it’s working as intended.
I think it was more of an oversight that modified scripting themes weren’t considered.


Please, no. I really like the default dark editor theme and would like to use it, while keeping my light theme color scheme the dark one it is now.

It’s not too much work to change the dark theme color scheme, and isn’t worth the work from the studio team to get a feature in that doesn’t even give any new ability. It’s really just a quality of life feature that isn’t even quality of life for everyone, and in turn would just take away the dark theme default editor colors from those of us who like them, but use a dark background in our light theme background.


So happy that studio finally has a dark theme, but the icons look… off… I’d say they look too light. Not too surprising, as they were created with the light theme in mind, would just be a nice bonus to change them based on theme too.


the eye icon for toggling UI seems to be too big with the dark theme




Hi All,

Just noticed the + sign to quickly add items in the Explorer panel does not work with Dark theme when you have a VehicleSeat. It works with other objects.


That’s in the plan but not now! :slight_smile:


Hey I’ve noticed that the theme reverts to light every time Roblox updates (or at least for me). Is there a way to fix that?


I have not experienced this issue, even after Roblox Client and Studio updated a few times since switching to dark theme. But I know something like this will get annoying pretty quick so hopefully you get it resolved soon! :slight_smile:


Is the API still being released? It’s been a while since this was announced.