Studio Dark Theme

while true do
    if eye fatigue < light theme then

Really though, thanks for this!


You can use settings().Studio["UI Theme"] to get and set the UI theme.


Don’t do that, we are going to break it in the future.

Studio Dark Mode Issues

I was referring to this post by Clonetrooper:


Literally the best update ever.


Thank you so much for adding a dark theme! It’s been one of my wanted features for a very long time!

To save the trouble and mess of multiple reports, I’ve compiled a list of bugs and UI errors I’ve seen alongside a couple of others.


Studio uses a specified colour palette, changing this colour palette and reflecting every icon would take a very long time to do.


truly a blessing :+1:


now i can develop for twice as long!

Something I noticed is the highlight text color in the script editor is very vague, making it hard to find the stack trace you click.


the great pinnacle of roblox studio updates


How would that have made it impossible for them to keep the same style when they were making the dark theme?

I’m aware making themes takes a long time.


I also had a problem with the dark theme being super flat.


I admittedly don’t like the pastel logos. I hope the “make your own theme” thing allows for changing the logos, because i want to make them more black & white rather than the pastel colors.


This is neat! Finally


Ok, so I’ve found a massive underlying issue with this! I will not be using it until it is resolved.

My script theme also gets switched up when changing to dark theme. This shouldn’t happen and this needs to be fixed.

Light theme

Dark theme


Pretty sure this is intentional – it’s so you can have different script editor colors per theme. If you were using the default colors and switched to dark, you wouldn’t want to have a blinding white editor background. You can jot down the values you use for the light theme and add them back when dark theme is enabled.


That is incredibly bad programming then. It would be super easy to check for default themes or even for them just to add in another tick box option that allows the user to change the content of their editor. Normally, a theme doesn’t change the underlying content that was specifically set by the user to begin with.

  1. User changes light theme background to be slightly darker (e.g. white-grey)
  2. User changes to dark mode
  3. Eyes still blind

This is a one time thing – not a big deal, and certainly not as painful as having to re-set up your light theme colors and vice versa every time you decide to switch between them. Complaining takes more energy than actually setting up your dark mode editor colors, so just get it over with if you haven’t already.

  1. Making a dark theme isn’t hard
  2. Adding a simple check to see if a theme has been edited is dead easy
  3. Customisation is key to user experience

While it isn’t a “big deal”, it is something that could have been introduced that would have made the whole feature just that little bit better. In other words, not leaving a job half done. For example, adding music into a game and not adding a mute button for said music.

I’m not asking for a lot, I’m simply asking for an improvement to be made on the system. Why make a process inefficient for no reason?

At the end of the day, all a dark theme system is meant to do is convert white into gray and black into white, it shouldn’t touch any other colours.


What? So you’re telling me that having the ability to have a separate script editor theme for each studio theme is bad?