Studio Dark Theme

Hey developers,

We just released a dark theme for Studio! It makes Studio look that much cooler and helps reduce eye fatigue!

Here are the steps to enable it:

  1. File > Settings…
  2. Select the Studio category
  3. Change UI Theme to Dark (under General)

This is something that you have been requesting for many years so we are happy to finally deliver it to you. Thanks to @hahamonkey5 and @robDR for making this feature a reality!

We will be adding a color theme API in the next few weeks in order to allow plugins to be compatible with multiple themes.

Let us know what you think by replying to this thread!


This is a beautiful thing. Despite how much I complain, I’m truly grateful for this. Nice job team!
Also, API for plugins? You took the words right out of my mouth


Looks so Cool! I will enjoy building with this new theme.

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Now we can edit day and night :wink:


T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H!


Seriously, thank you guys, my eyes thank you too.

Looks pretty good!


WOW can’t wait to turn on this feature :yum:


Very useful, nice feature!

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My eyes may finally heal.


:heart: :heart: :heart:


Did you guys turn off the lights in studio?!? It got dark all of a sudden?!


I will mention however, we should have the ability to customize the colors of the theme in the future (soon hopefully?), similiar to what Visual Studio does.

(Or could we take an approach to themes? :wink: Here’s a thread on it : Can we take an / BetterDiscord approach to studio’s theme abilities?)


From me and my eyes:

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Finally! And it looks really nice too

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Will icon colours ever be changed in order to contrast the black background better?


I don’t like the blue much either.


I’m happy to finally see a dark theme, though it feels a little… flat?

Light theme

Dark theme

I think the main cause of it is that the colors follow a somewhat inverted stance. By that, I mean where lighter shades are in the light theme, that’s where the darker shades are in the dark theme. I don’t think this is ideal, especially in the borders between widgets.

By using a lighter shade between widgets, it gives the illusion of widgets being pushed in, rather than hovering like in the light theme. This causes every part of the studio window to feel connected in the dark theme, whereas in the light theme it truly felt like each widget was its own section of the screen.

The effect the light theme gives is what I prefer, whereas I prefer the shades of the dark theme.


Give it a few hours, and this will be your most liked post.

All kidding aside (or not, we’ll see), thank you for this long-awaited feature!

I am so glad that we have this. The light theme hurts my eyes.

There are a few edge cases where I get blinded by leftover white:

When closing a game, the empty viewport canvas that is displayed for a fraction of a second is white:

When opening Studio, the canvas flashes white for a fraction of a second, before the login screen appears:

Aside from those two, there are also some cases where the light theme bleeds through:

My command bar somehow turned white. I think it may have been caused by remotely logging into my PC, which updated the computer’s color scheme?

The default background color for the toolbox is light, and the search icon has a white background:


Assuming this excitement is for the ability to modify the color scheme via plugin, I wouldn’t put your hopes too high. It’s been (sort of) made clear they plan for there to be more themes in one way or another, however the API mention here is more likely what @Maximum_ADHD mentioned in a post somewhere else, which is API for plugins to get info about the current color scheme. He could give more details than I could.