Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

Well, I just noticed this announcement (due to the update) and I am disappointed. The set-up I had before is ruined and I have to manually place them back into their position…again and it’s harder now.

The UI Visibility button is something I switch on and off a lot and I really don’t like its current location, it really interrupts my workflow.

I also see random empty tooltips floating around when I am running the game or opening the place, which is really annoying.

Despite all of the stuff above I really like the fact that we can dock scripts now, at least that’s a thing.


Where is the device emulator button? I can’t find it in studio anymore.

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I’m currently having the bug where my floating ‘Output’ widget on my second monitor is moved down about 20 or so pixels every single time the Studio layout gets reloaded, while no other widgets are moved.

So if I press Test, Stop, Current:Client, or Current:Server, and the whole Studio layout gets reloaded (which looks rough btw, I think it’d really be better if the whole thing wasn’t reloaded), then my Output widget moves down. This is extremely annoying as I playtest a ton in Studio and the widget very quickly moves off my screen.

I may as well also mention that my second monitor’s Display Orientation is “Portrait” (which is less common), and its Display Resolution is 1080 x 1920.


Tbh just bring this stuff back to the original version, it feels like we are backwards instead of the modern look and now docking the UI is much more difficult thanks to this! (This update seems unnecessary since we have everything we need with the UI and things like that)

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This new update is horrible. It feels very downgraded, and the old design was just fine. Everything feels much worse than it ever has. This is terrible… Ever heard the term “dont re-invent the wheel”?

It’s becoming very clear here that most of the community simply does not like this update, and everyone clearly agrees that it feels like the studio ui has been put back in time, rather than upgraded. The old studio design was much cleaner and it was much easier to see things. All of the new ui components just feel very bulky and it feels like we’ve taken a step back here.

I’m sure this was worked on very hard by everyone involved, but this new studio design is a pain for everyone! Apologies if I come off as snarky, I just really do not like this new design whatsoever. Please change it back, or at the very least, make it a settings option for “UI 2.0” or “Improved UI” in the Studio Settings!


Wow, the docking feature looks solid.

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I think it’s unnecessary for the new “Collaborate” button to be active and highlighted all the time. This is unnecessarily drawing attention.



I can’t place my widgets on the right side of the screen, it opens a new window.

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Hi there! Are you a Mac or Windows user? Can you please provide us with your OS version, as well as other relevant information like your resolution and scaling?


Hi there! Can you please provide some information about your OS version, display resolution and scaling?

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I’ve tested it out, a few things I noticed immediately when joining studio.

The fact that we are now forced to move the frame to the center to dock anything is kinda annoying.
If I accidentally grab the game window, I have to move all the way to the center.

The Toggle UI visibility button + emulator button that was here is now gone. It’s kinda a shame since those were actually pretty useful. When working with UI I’d usually quickly switch on and off to mobile view just to make sure things were scaling properly.

The toggle UI button was also pretty easy to access.

I know you can add them to the top left, but I’d like the ability to add them back.

Scrollbars feel really small I’d like to be able to adjust the sizing for that, also I feel like the UI itself has some inconsistencies.

Left Side

Right side

Scrollbar makes it seem like it’s a 2 pixel width outline + right of the X button there is no outline.

This seems to be relatively consistent where there’s missing outlines

Entering the bar leaves the frame.

imo it makes the UI feel less clean


Everything feels smaller than usual. Wish there was a way to change the size

Also checkboxes are larger than strings

Pressing File does not feel clean at all



Plugin buttons are blurry, they weren’t previously. Just scaled down? (can’t remember exactly)


Checkboxes aren’t centered and have a different background color?


I genuinely have no idea how any on the development thought that this would make for a great update.

The new docking system is completely unintuitive that I genuinely have no idea how to make the program look how I want it to. At some point, I went to adjust the size of my properties video, but that caused me to instead pull it out and now I have no idea how to place it back the way it was.

I’m forced to settle for having my Explorer and Properties be locked to only having one visible at any given time, rather than both of them stacked on top of one another like it was before. Not only this, but the sizing of both those windows changes the moment I decide to open a script, causing them to take up half the size of my window until I manually adjust the sizing.

Before, I was accustomed to dragging out the preview window in order to have a clear understanding of how my project’s UI would look in game. When I drag out the preview window now, for whatever reason, the size of the window is larger than my monitor.

Development is an absolute pain now that I have to fight the program for every little change I make.


I like to have my output on my other monitor, and whenever I play test the game, the output window shifts down, it’s like a carriage on a typewriter.

Here’s a timelapse of what I mean, eveytime I hit play the window inches down:


For anyone that docks windows on a different monitor, you can dock two windows together and it won’t move down. It’s a fix until they patch it.



Something curious happened where my panels layout reverted to “default” after a day of use. If this happens regularly, it would get extremely frustrating really fast. Will post if happens again, anyone else experience this?


Switching between server and client causes your whole studio to go blank…
that’s pretty annoying ngl

If I’m clicking through my output from server to client, there’s server seconds of just delay…

Additionally, there’s a bug. If you click on an output from the server, and then click on an output from the client. The game panel will open instead of the script.


To add on what I said, I do like the customizability of the new docking system.
I dont think you could do this before.
(ignore the fact that I have both 6.2 and 7 of rojo installed)

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They don’t seem to want to undo it but instead fix it or improve it a bit, that’s really sad.

(Can you at least make it an option to revert back to old design if that was reasonable for you enough)


This may be completely coincidental, but in a previous post I made commenting on the update, I asked if

Two days after this reply, Roblox Studio updated: reverting back to the previous docking system. I’m not sure if this was only for me, only for MacOS users, or for users who reported having significant issues, but asking, like you essentially have, to be reverted back to the original docking system, may work.