Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

studio is so laggy for me, making games is way harder now


i don’t know any other options, though i didn’t try r_aidmaster’s solution, does that one work for you?

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Roblox made it harder to develop…


This update is more like

Studio Design Defresh - Docking Under haul & Ribbon Downgrade



Great update, but it made the plugin manager unusable. I have 20+ plugins installed, and it’s only listing 10. When I launched it, it immediately listed 6, slowly loaded a few more, and capped at 10.

Started using the icons, they are not too bad but I would love to see more color and contrast added to them.


roblox should add a setting to use the old icons or something, the new icons are confusing and weird.


I agree. it made me confused either i prefer old ui better because i using it for years and i remember every feature correctly But new one likely i opened roblox studio for first time :confused: why it start harder to use


I like the way the new icons look, all sleek and modern… but I’m having a really hard time navigating. Most of them are the same colour and I honestly can’t tell them apart at a glance. It’s making it really disorientating to try and find things and my workflow is suffering.

Could the new icons at least remain a similar colour to their counterparts from the old icons? Specifically, the icon for models being the same blue as the icon for parts is really confusing. Models and parts all look the same when you’re scrolling through trying to find something. (And mesh parts too)


I think honestly this is just so unfinished when yet it’s released with so many encounters of issues, such as Placement and random UI Popups after running the studio in Play Mode or Run Mode. It’s not quite yet even a great start for it, in my personal opinion, the Icons aswell just feel too similar and feel like it’s just a failed attempt of modernizing it’s icons for studio. So that for me it concludes it’s just a failed redesign when trying to use studio without encountering issues 24/7 effecting the people’s workflow. However, the Icons are somewhat nice to look at however, in my preference, I’d rather not have a icon similar to others then accidentally having issues with navigating myself through the Explorer Tab.


I cannot post in Studio-Bugs, and since I suspect these are issues with the Docking overhaul, I will post it here.

In basic, my script tabs keep resetting (eventhough displaying at first) when opening a place.
Example Gif

Though I do not have an example of the next issue, everytime I open a script it toggles between opening it in a new window and opening as an existing tab.

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because of this update studio does not even work at all

it looks like this

robloxapp-20220920-2115479.wmv (1.4 MB)

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This update needs to get behind a beta flag, like any other major update would be. It’s unacceptable to have such a drastic change without a feedback and transition period.

I am unable to use studio with this update as-is.


If you’re lagging, you probably have issues with G-Sync. Studio Design Refresh causes NVIDIA G-SYNC to tank framerate - #2 by ItsKoiske

The issue I was referring to is the changed icons. To someone that has difficulty telling shapes, particularly small ones apart, this change makes studio completely unusable.


ive gotten this update once and then it was reverted, sad to see it go, would love to have it back

I still have an old interface without Mod manager, wanted a new, but seeing the photos immediately flew away desire

Why the update is so bad?


Please please PLEASE revert this update and/or lock it behind an optional beta flag. I have to restart my studio several times per-hour just to do my job.


Studio does not even work at all for me


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