Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

This is gonna make things much smoother and nicer. Good update, Roblox.


Finally, by any chance, can we get File in the Menu Bar on macOS? Roblox Studio feels like a Windows app on top of macOS.


I imagine the Selection table would still be a singleton which means you only need one window.


you can only select one object at a time, so no. It’s just enormously helpful to have a 2nd explorer docked especially for large projects. example: having server and client objects visible on screen at the same time

edit: i forgot you can select several objects at a time lol. it’s already built-in


Oh, you’re right, that is useful


What’s wrong with the UI Editor feature?


I’ve waited years for multiple script editors. Super excited to see it finally!


I was waiting so long for the multiple scripting editor windows :woozy_face:


I am aware of this, however, for me personally, the buttons up there are too small and each time need to press whatever I got there, I need to take a minute in order to not misclick something for the 5th time. The old placement was just perfect for me and many other people who have this issue.


the thing i am easily the most excited about is the new docking thingy. Too many times where i wanted to dock something somewhere and it just would not get it right haha. The dual scripting window also looks great, now i’ll have less trouble remembering what I named my functions in a module haha
All of this looks like a great start so far and I’m sure it’ll only get better, hope everyone has fun :wink:


Any chance we can get a better way of displaying if a script is disabled in the tab, adding [Disabled] really adds to the width.



This is really cool and all, but when are we going to be allowed to organize our plugins?
There’s more empty space on the top bar than there is in the observable universe.

I’d love to be able to organize my plugins and group them together under different tabs.


Side-by-side scripting is gonna very handy for my workflow.


Made a similar feature request in the past. It would be amazing to start having this option while Roblox is also doing a refresh with the studio.


This update is insane this will be so much easier then switching through main scripts plus I can finally multitask :heart_eyes: TYSM @RobloxStaff


I like the update, but I’m not too sure if the ribbon menus should have such large buttons.

Although, I’m excited to see docked windows in the center of the screen now!


Then there is probably a reason for it being underused. Personally for me, this feature is not a good placement.

On top of this, not using this feature is not possible without damaging my workflow, I was recently working with a bunch of developers for the connect game-jam. I was working on a death UI while the 3d modeller and builder was importing and placing in their meshes. It was very simple to just tell everyone to ‘press the UI button’ on their screen and they could continue. This more complicated method, of saying ‘click View and then go to UI and press show development UI’ and then if I’m unlucky go on to tell them that, ‘no you weren’t supposed to press the {insert random button they decided to press instead}’. Asking them to add it to their quick access-bar would probably confuse a few developers I work with regularly too.

No offence, but this docking widget is incredibly confusing and displeasing to look at (dragging widgets into place and hoping they work feels more intuitive than this weird menu). Also, the fact that this menu is fully grey makes it even more depressing to look at. (Maybe change the outline of where the window will go to blue?)

Would still like the ability to outright remove icons I do not want to see, for example I personally feel like the ‘Effects’ tab of the ‘Model’ tab is absolutely useless to my workflow, since it mostly suggests pre-made effects that cannot be customised (like fire, smoke and explosion). I should, as a result, be able to remove this from my ribbon, but I can’t!

Can we have this (for UI visibility) released for everyone right now? I shouldn’t have to wait for the UI update to be upon me before I can do this, it negatively impacts my workflow and if we as a community can’t stop this from happening, I should at least have the option to get used to it in my workflow before I have 0 option on it.

THIS, seriously I have no clue why Roblox opts for the smallest icons possible for plugin icons. The fact that they all have to share a single tab doesn’t help either.


You sure about that? There’s a bit of a presumption there that you already know what the “UI Button” is. I would imagine something more like this (have had a similar dialog before):

Just turn off the UI button
What button?
It’s by the emulator toggle
What like, in the Test tab?
No, in the viewport bar
The viewport bar?
By tabs
So like the ribbon bar?
No like, in line with the tabs themselves, right to the right of them
Ohhhh that button, I never noticed it before!

Vs in the ribbon bar it’s a standard button with text by it which is if anything easier to describe the location of.


Lookin good! The contributors are very accomplished this time around!


Please add in-built support for something like Rojo so we can better use industry standard tooling