Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

Some high-DPI support is already in the client, so let me just note my stance here in case anyone is listening:

Render the 3D viewport at full resolution or I will stop developing on Roblox.

There is a specific reason I have a 4k display and that is for pixel density. Rendering the viewport at a lower resolution and scaling it up just completely defeats the purpose of having a 4k monitor. And introduces blurry scaling artifacts that make the game look disgusting.

So please, render the 3D viewport at full resolution.


Ohhh that docking is exactly what I want. So exciting.

There’s no point in throwing out empty threats at something you dislike - provide constructive and meaningful criticism in an informative matter instead. It’s hard for the staff to gauge how serious or problematic it might be if not added if you don’t properly inform them of it.
Keep in mind there’s people behind the screens working on these features for weeks or months!

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I have already provided my feedback in the private all-stars spaces. I was told that the ability to configure the viewport resolution is not planned for the initial release, and that it may never exist at all and simply be auto-inferred from the aether depending on internal hueristics.

The main point of replying here is to inform others about the issue.

My “constructive criticism” would be what I already stated which is to have the viewport render in full native resolution.

Anyway, there is no need to call out others in a public thread as it will just be flagged and removed for being off-topic.


The UI editor has always been buggy for me. If I select a frame in explorer and hover the mouse cursor into the viewport, it drags the frame until I click! (It does it every time, past 10 updates)

That’s Great! I think this will improove the general experience of each developer a lot due to it’s customization and flexibility.

This is cool but native Git support is cooler… please…
Also, an API for creating plugins for the script editor would be incredibly useful, for creating tools such as vim emulators, custom linters, etc.

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'Not particularly excited about the change to the UI visibility toggle, and I doubt that future-new developers will, either. That said, thank you for not following Microsoft by removing the ribbon UI system. The file explorer feels sluggish in '11 (thus my use of 10 LTSC), though I can trust Studio to save me there!


It would be nice to have some direct photos of the new studio design; those gifs are pretty compressed, worse than Twitter.


I’ve had consistently bad experiences with the UI editor. Usually it is just annoying in appearance, but sometimes it will break. Errors will pop up in output, it’ll stop working, and worst of all, a glitch will occur where whatever UI I had selected at the time will keep following the mouse.

I try to delete the UI editor, but it always manages to come crawling back like a disgusting little virus. God I hate the UI editor, and I don’t know why Roblox allows that dumpster fire of a plugin to continue existing in that state.


Looking forward for this I am most happy about the docking feature and script editor etc. Not sure how Feel about future icon changes because when the new studio version (the current) got changed from the old 2012 one vit took a long while to get used to things but, that’s just relative, it would be nice to have a new modem look

Finally, I can watch YouTube AND develop at the same time on the same laptop without struggling for tabs or buttons or whatever you call it…

You can already do this? Unless you’re talking specifically about the anchor preset buttons that Unity has, which I agree would be a nice feature (someone could make a plugin for this too).

if you do a test with Local Server rather than Play Solo, you can achieve this

im specifically talking about the anchor presets, I am aware of the anchoring property


Would love to see it support multiple screens, especially for script editors
I have a vertical screen and sadly I can’t use it for coding inside roblox because the layout looks off when I drag the script onto another screen.

Really looking forward for this update, especially the new icons!


I hope you guys gonna add the ability to customize the context menu along with support to add plugin actions to it as well.


I have a suggestion:

The ability to list script tabs in a vertical tab rather than horizontal would be helpful for some of us who has many scripts open.

I made a quick mockup of what it could look like:



What is preventing you from being able to keep the old ones in? I don’t see what could be preventing that.

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ctrl + tab does that, kind of