Studio does not recognize xbox controllers without a full restart

Roblox studio will not pick up on any new wireless controllers while open.

Connect a wireless Xbox controller while you are in Roblox stuido, then click Play Solo image


The controller works


You need to publish whatever you’re working on, close studio and then reopen it in order to register any new Xbox controllers.

This takes a while to do and is a big annoyance with slower connections when you’re just trying to quickly test an Xbox feature

Oh yeah also it still thinks you can a controller connected even when you disconnect it. Even when you restart Play Solo


Another problem with controllers is that studio doesn’t recognize when they are unplugged unless you restart studio.

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I literally just discovered that and was about to post. Beat me to it :wink:

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Been having this problem all day haha.

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Add to our bug list.


This is still an issue that makes developing for Xbox more annoying than it should be: Is studio able to detect Xbox 360 gamepads plugged into your PC?

Well the odd thing is, it would immediately detect it in the Xbox Emulator but if I wasn’t in the emulator it wouldn’t.

I’m still experiencing this issue.