Studio Error Impacting Plugins and the Toolbox

Howdy folks,

Booted up studio this afternoon and went to use a plugin I use, only to find that my plugins are all gone. I figured I had accidentally deleted them somehow so I went to reinstall and found that the toolbox will not load anything. My internet connection is fine, but I can’t build what I’m trying to build. I attempted to reinstall the plugins via the website, and studio shut down, ‘updated’, and rebooted…and the plugin was still not there. When I boot it up I get the following error in output:

Failed to load plugin permissions from cloud: loadPluginPermissionsPageAsync(0, 100): HTTP error: HttpRequest “PluginLoader::loadPluginPermissionsPageAsync(0, 100)”: Got network error status: 502

Anybody had this before and know a way around or a fix? Sorry if this is the wrong forum location, but I didn’t see a better place to post. Thanks.


Getting the same thing - happening on a team create place and an offline save.


This is happening to everyone. Especially people who go to team create. It’s best advised to wait for an administrator to fix this issue. You could just go inside the toolbox open up plugins and reinstall all of them and they’ll be put on the plugins tab.

I believe it is happening to most of us, I am also having this issue.
well maybe not the same I’m not sure

It completely wiped my plugins and won’t even load the toolbox

Nope your not alone man

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Sorry for bumping, but this still occurs, and I got a plugin for 150 robux, no clue where that went, my robux went, but the plugin did not get installed and it keeps returning the error every 30 seconds, even though i did not click install every 30 seconds

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This error happens with everything related to plugins,

  • Installing plugin from website
  • Installing plugin from Toolbox
  • Turning off plugin in Manage Plugins
  • Turning on plugin in Manage Plugins
  • Uninstalling plugins

The error appears at random, sometimes you can install plugin without issue and then you can’t install anything for about 5 hours which is really annoying.

Plugins in Manage Plugins take years to appear too.

I hope this gets fixed soon.