Studio Explorer Randomly Scrolling

[EDIT: also here: Explorer widget keeps jumping up and down when selecting objects]

Selecting objects in the explorer window will scroll to a random spot - with or without the object visible on screen. This becomes very frustrating when you have a lot of objects open. It happens regardless.

This has been an issue since the last Studio update.

Video attached for staff

Expected behavior

The scrollbar should not move when I select an object in the explorer.

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This is so annoying!, it has been happening to me for the past two days or something

I seems like what is happening is that it opens folders up or down from where you click (folders or other objects)
Two days ago, clicks were offset by some amount it seemed like…


Also happening to me i thought i had a virus on my computer but it wasn’t that


It also open unwanted stuff sometimes


There are multiple threads regarding this annoying bug. But Roblox has yet to respond. :worried:

Please follow this topic for updates on the issue: Explorer widget keeps jumping up and down when selecting objects - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox

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