Explorer widget keeps jumping up and down when selecting objects

Frequently when selecting objects in the explorer, the widget will scroll itself up or down for no reason. The video below displays the problem. About half the time when I select an object the scrollbar either moves up or down some random amount.

Expected behavior

When selecting an object by clicking on it in the explorer widget I expect the scrollbar to not move.


this also occasionality happens when creating instances via explorer

I’ve been having this issue too. It appears to be a bug where Instance folds are opening/closing after selecting something else. It’s quite unclear what seems to be the trigger, but that’s the cause of the explorer moving up/down.


I figured out the cause of the issue:
If you select something in a fold, close the fold, select something else, that fold will open as if you were still selecting the object. Here’s a repro video of the issue:


Im also having same issue, hope roblox fix this issue


Developing in roblox is a true challenge when annoying bugs like this exists


I’ve had this issue as well. Closing and re opening studio only seems to fix it temporarily. (Or until you start using explorer)

For example, this would be before clicking the sound (although I have opened the 2011 BMW X5M beforehand):

And this would be after clicking the sound:

Now here, the behavior is obvious; it appears as if roblox doesn’t detect that you’re outside the model, and instead tries to tab you back into it even though you’ve clicked outside of it. At least that’s my theory.

I’d like to add with this. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there’s 2 extra issues that I’ve seemed to notice. One, when selecting something from a different area in the Explorer, it seems to jump back up, or even re-open an instance you closed.

Here’s what I mean.
In this instance, I’m trying to simply replicate the issue by selecting something within the Workspace, then closing the Workspace whilst something is selected. After trying to select something else, Workspace opens up once more. This is the same issue as the user, BeaminYo, above me has. Although I was able to record it instead to show better clarity of the issue.

Another issue would be trying to use the quick rename shortcut.
For instance, in this example I use F2 on something to do the simple rename shortcut. However, without pressing Enter to finish the renaming, I press Shift to go to the next instance to quickly rename it. It works, but then it immediately closes it without me pressing enter.

I sure do hope they fix this, it’s quite annoying and breaks the flow of focus.


Keep having this problem as well, it’s frustrating as I keep trying to double click scripts to open them, but the first click moves the focus a lot, making me click something else on the second click

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I thought I was the only one! I am so glad someone brought it up because every time I try to bring attention to a bug (like usepartcolor not working on streaming enabled models), post gets ignored or moderated.

Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Thanks to the devs in this thread who did a great job debugging this!

I’ve rolled back the config that caused this, so you shouldn’t see this issue anymore. (After a restart of Studio.)

Apologies that it took a few days for this issue to reach me.


me too, im MacOS roblox Studio