Studio Failing to close and save


Hi everyone, so I was messing around with Studio building my game and I tried to close out and save. But when I did that it gave me a message but then continued to fail to save and remain open. So I had to save it to my desktop instead of on the Website.


According to studio it’s Roblox Version: 0.442.3.409454.


  • Open Roblox Studio.
  • Do something such as place a brick, gui, etc so you can save it.
  • Attempt to close out and save



Does it fail to save only when you attempt to save on close, or does it also fail when saving to cloud through the file menu?


I’m not too sure what you mean. If I save it using a file>desktop it works but when I save it to the Website it fails to save.

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This seems unrelated to the issue developers were running into last week. User facing errors occurred when developers were opening their games, not saving.


Can you be more specific about what buttons and where they are when you try to save and exit?

How long did you wait? The message tells you what’s going on.

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Yeah it’s just while saving. As @TheVoidArchitect said there are some current issues on the Website with their servers as stated on the Website’s Top bar. I’ve looked around and don’t seem to see any other related incident so I’ve come to terms with it’s a new problem.

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Command+Q in during the video it shows when I clicked save to when it failed. It had to be around 10 seconds or less. I’m going to try and save it using the X button next.

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Could you dm me your Studio logs? How to post a Bug Report


Is there anything printed in your output widget? Please take a screenshot.

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It really looks it’s connected to the outage. Getting multiple reports on the Roblox Unofficial Discord as well about this issue. (Not only saving but crashing upon opening.)

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@.everyone please note I’m going post by post so might take a bit.

@twberg sure thing I’ll DM you my results for what I have.

@TheVoidArchitect it’s not crashing it’s just not saving.

@PeZsmistic I’m not too sure can you DM me how to open a widget?

Edit: This bug only occurs with Command Q.

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Have you tried to save it this way as @twberg said?have you tried to publish it this way

Hmmm this is very strange. In the video you can see me lagging indicated by Mac’s auto change to mouse to a spinning beach ball. This bug doesn’t seem to occur right now but I’m trying to figure out how to reproduce this. Now either it lags while entering where nothing at all loads or it all loads but doesn’t fail to save.

Edit: So while opening using the application instead of the Website it lags. I don’t remember exactly if it lagged while opening it so I think what I’m going to do is leave it open then come back to it and see if it’s loaded then try the bug again.

Edit2: So I’ve noticed something it says place1 when ever it fails to open and just lags with the beach ball mouse. I believe over all studio is broken at this point with a lag spike and as of right now we’re seeing byproducts of that lag that show up then disappear with really no real course of action.

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I’m currently having the same issue as well, once I load any studio place it’ll go into a “not responding” loop. It’s probably because of the current errors with the servers

It happened with me once. Try to close the application and when you reopen studio you should be good to go.


Have tried that for 10-ish times now. Same result.

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Seems odd as it happened only once to me and when I reopened the app it got fixed.

It seems like it’s working now, really strange though. Thank you

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It opens the place for me, and once opened the screen goes gray and not responsive.

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Have you reopened it? If so, how many times?