Studio Freezing while debugging

Can’t debug anymore!

It seems it started to happen after Studio 451 release.
The original project, log, and dump files were sent:


  1. Publish the current project in private (I use DataStore2)
  2. Open ServerScript
  3. Set a breakpoint to line 152
  4. Run
  5. After it stops in the breakpoint, press F10 to Step Over

Here Studio freezes. Even restarting my Windows 10.

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I don’t know, but Studio has started to have some bugs for me.
Can’t open Toolbox or Terrain Editor.
Can’t see the arrows for move, the circles for scale, the rings for rotate.
When press select, move, scale, or rotate, it doesn’t deselect what I was on.

I solve these by closing and reopening the file or closing it and repressing Edit.

@rogeriodec_games would you mind copying logs/dump/project files to this thread? The linked thread is not accessible.

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I don’t understand why it’s not accessible to you, once I followed How to post a Bug Report and I sent them via DM to Logs / crash dumps / other bug files - Developer Forum | Roblox as indicated.

You can ask a co-worker who is listed as Owner in the above group to add you to it, then you can see all log/dumps reported via that channel. Logs/dumps can contain sensitive info so should NOT be posted publicly.


Got it - thanks for input here. I have access to the group now and will take a look.


Some additional information, perhaps not very useful, but some (few) times this freeze in the debug does not happen.
But 99% of the time, it happens.
You should know that every time a problem of this type occurs with Studio, several people are left without work, or work becomes much slower and more painful.
Therefore, I ask you to find a solution to this as soon as possible.

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