Studio Glitch destroyed my whole game [ISSUE SOLVED]

Help me please i have a game i been working on and you can see it on my recent post and i dont know what happened but i came back to this

I reverted all the version back and the game when you play is how its suppose to be but when i enter studio its all stuck together like this, This game is one of the biggest stuff i have done and the most one i love so this legit means a lot to me and i know its not any developers i have hired they dont have access is this a bug or what? and please tell me is it fixable???

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I’m unsure of what the previous version looked like? Could you provide that post you were mentioning and maybe a little more detail into what happened?

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Okay so i cant revert the version and see in studio because even tho i reverted the map is still all together but when i play from the website its like this

Everything as it was

Could you tell me when it happened and what you were doing before it happened? This could help us identify what caused that issue.

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Okay okay so i was fixing the floor because it was clipping inside a house and i accidentally pressed the middle mouse button and then everything disappeared i presses on a part in the workspace and pressed f and my studio crashed and i came back to what i gave u in the first image just everything all together and also this is in the properties
for all the parts

latest post of my game update from around 1 - 2 weeks ago

Dang, at least the game was published before the error occurred, could you show me the game’s version history?

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Of course

as u can see i reverted the versions more then 1 time but yesterday i left off at where i published aka where the checkmark so everything on june 3rd is the corrupted map

Maybe try reinstalling studio and then reverting the changes (again). I’m unsure if that’ll work but it’s worth a try.

Anything is worth a try ill give it a go thanks ! ill reply again if it worked or not :+1:

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Didn’t work :frowning:
I legit dont understand this bug i even reverted

So no matter which time you revert to it always is the same broken and bugged out map?

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Hold on!!! i got it i reverted from last week the map is back but its a very old version i guess its better then anything but this is legit one of the weirdest bugs and i dont understand how it effected also yesterdays publish i think i should report this to a admin of this bug to get fixed but thank you sooo much you saved my whole game i will credit you lol

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I’m really happy that you were able to revert to at least a version that isn’t as bad!

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That is true i hope no one else gets this but damn this was a big thing i dont understand how this corrupted old saves but it somehow did but thank you man thank you A LOT! :slight_smile:

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