Studio installation gets messed up with every new version

Reproduction Steps

  • I noticed that instead of Roblox being installed in the default Windows programs folder (C:\Program Files), Roblox is installed inside the user folder (C:\Users’UserName’\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions).
    This means that, if I have 10 users on my Windows, I will have 10 identical installations, which in itself is absurd, since the executable files and DLLs should be in a single folder (C:\ Program Files), while the specific settings for each user would be in their user folder.
  • But to make matters worse, each new version is installed in a different folder (C:\Users’UserName’\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-‘somehash’).
    When this installation is completed, a shortcut is created on the desktop, pointing to this version folder.
    Ex: C:\Users\Rogerio\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-cf3b1aab350244af\RobloxStudioLauncherBeta.exe -ide
  • When a new version comes up, *auto-update" will download a new version but it won’t update the shortcuts either for desktop or chrome (when I try to load a place - Create - Roblox)

Expected Behavior
described above

Actual Behavior
described above

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Often
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Closing this bug report based on the workaround I discovered here:

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