Studio is crashing on startup

Studio is crashing when I start the app without launch instructions.
Studio sometimes opens when opening a place file, either through the website or file.
Studio crashes around 8 times out of 10, and when it does start - it crashes on random events such as opening a script or launching a playtest.

Bug is very reproducable.
Here’s how studio looks when it crashes:
Here’s a runtime micro-profile dump from a session where studio actually started:
microprofile-20191127-203136.html (719.4 KB)

I have tried reinstalling studio.
I have tried updating graphics drivers.


For a start, I strongly advise that you have actual screenshots of the crash along with possible logs. Using a ‘meme-style’ screenshot of your crashes in this category will not help your situation.

No, that’s all it tells me.
And however ‘memey’ the picture came out, it clearly shows that it happens during the loading window, which is all the information I have.

Hello, could you read over this and make sure that all of the information is included here.

It makes it much easier for the bug to be resolved. I’d also recommend the title Studio is constantly crashing rather than Studio won't stop crashing and it's starting to uh.. tick me off.

Yeah I apologize, I am very tired.

There should be a .dmp file in %localappdata%\Roblox\logs (maybe in \logs\archive as well) with some log files that have about the same time stamp. Can you PM a google drive / etc link to this group?

Well, i had this issue today aswell, but it kinda fixed itself after starting roblox 5 times.

This is still happening, any updates?