Studio layout saving

The ability to save studio window layouts and switch between them with the click of a button. Not a lot to the idea really, but I could see it having a lot of productivity bonuses. Having a more building or scripting focused layout would in my opinion be a lot more friendly than having a hybrid of windows open all the time hogging screen space.

Simple idea, not sure how easy it would be to actually produce, but it sure would make reorganizing studio windows for different tasks a heck of a lot easier.

I would imagine this to be like the visual studio or adobe products have with a dropdown button to switch between presets

Throw in exporting and importing layouts while you’re a it.

I was about to make a thread for this when I remembered I had already done so… Seriously, how about another try at suggesting this. It would be an insanely useful feature.

If I remember when I get into work tomorrow, I’ll shoot this to someone who can do something about it.

I’d love to see manual saving. Studio feels the need to save three different layouts for my games, and for some reason it always opens so many windows that it breaks past the constraints of the window and into the command line. It also feels the need to omit the game explorer and the toolbox, which to me, makes no sense.
Layouts also change depending on the place I’m in as well, if I’m in the test place, everything loads fine, however, if I go to the building place, Studio loads built-in plugins and windows that I hardly ever use. To be frank, I really don’t want to fix my layout every time I open a studio window anymore. :confused:

Support! Sorry for the bump, but having the studio layout save whenever it crashes or exiting out or having separate places open would be beneficial for me and many other developers on Roblox Studio who need this a lot.

As a developer who’s been working inside and with studio for four to six years, I can say that it has been difficult and stressful having my tabs not save or the layout look funky should be saveable onto studio and not depend on us users/developers to scale and move them properly on one of the sides where tabs belong to.

For the past two months or so, I had to deal with losing connection and having studio close automatically with a lot of tabs open such as RopeMaster or the Terrain Editor and a lot of tabs from the left side or right side that turn small and hard to close and shift over to one side to another, having the tabs autosave the layout of our tabs would be pretty helpful and beneficial at the same time so when you exit a game or shift to another game you don’t have to worry about minimized tabs that turn into clunks from plugins and such. With that being said, whenever I open up studio after a crash or to work on something on a normal day, it sometimes have random tabs opened or tabs squished together which doesn’t comfort me a lot.

^ A good example of this has to be the image Fifkee provided above me, had that happen multiple times in a good span of my development.