Studio losing Command Bar historic

  1. Input some stuff in the Command Bar
  2. Close and reopen Studio
  3. The Command Bar history has been cleared
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Hi, thank you for your report.

We have been looking at this for a while. A question around this would be: if we have multiple Studio instances open, what history should be saved? All of them interleaved? Perhaps the last closed one? Or should the history tie to the place file?

In any case, this is on our radar and we’ll update the topic when we have an update on this.


not OP but the better DX would be to save command bar history on a per-place basis; my recent usecases have been quickly emitting particles with a hardcoded workspace path - which wouldn’t work in other places - or grouping together models in a map-only place, which wouldn’t make sense to execute in the finished product place.


Everything would be simpler if someone had paid attention to this Studio Feature that I created 3 years ago and until now has been ignored:

That is, keep the general historic, as it always was, but allow me to clear it with a simple Ctrl+k.

Still, I think @PysephDEV’s idea is even better, keeping Command Bar historic per project (or place).

As I see current command bar history (I may be wrong), everything typed into it saves (at least until I close studio), and I can select it again. But yes, this bug sometimes occurs and I can’t select some commands if I closed studio. And I think, that the history should save everything, from first studio window, from second studio window, or even 10th studio window in pattern I typed it into.

Apparently this was resolved (although no one warned).
I always ask Roblox to advise in the original forum thread about a solution made available for a bug report.

As mentioned above, this is currently working as intended. To open up a proper discussion about adding a feature to save command bar history on a per-place or per-session basis, please open up a feature request and we will make these decisions and put it on our roadmap with enough support.