Studio not responding, a plugin's fault

This may not be the right place and I might be warned but this is kind of a major bug.
It all started when a person on discord linked me a plugin, ROBLOX plugin yes.
However, I STUPIDLY downloaded it and now my studio is unresponsive.

When I downloaded the plugin I was thinking of a button to appear but instead, the studio won’t respond.
I tried everything, reinstalled it many times but still unresponsive, now my question is:

How do I remove a plugin without having to open studio? Is it possible? It’s fine if not
but I’m trying.

Hope you guys can find a solution…

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try reinstalling the actual plugin directly(not from studio, from the website)

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The default Roblox studio plugin directory is C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Local\Roblox\YOUR_USERID\InstalledPluginsiirc (replace YOUR_NAME with your username on the computer you’re using and YOUR_USERID with your roblox UserId).

You can either try to find the specific plugin in question and delete it, or if you want to be extra safe, you can temporarily delete/move everything in the folder.

Also, if you’re sure that the plugin is malicious, you should report it.

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i have deleted a folder with the plugin id but whenever i open studio it comes back and when i try to delete it it doesnt allow me help please

if your talking about the button “delete” i did it but it doent work

This may be because Roblox stores your plugins in the cloud now. I can’t seem to find a different method not yet mentioned, but I’ll get back to you if I do.

Quick question, is studio freezing up as soon as you open it up or after you open a place?

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Try deleting the folder here: AppData\Local\ROBLOX\CoreScriptOverrides, and do a fresh re-install from the website.

By any chance, do you know the plugins name?

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Hello, sorry I took a long time to reply, I wanted to make a good post! I checked and indeed deleting it did not work! My next thought was to just corrupt the plugin’s information so it cant be loaded in the first place.

Now the problem with deleting the plugin from your files is that ROBLOX will simply just redownload it and refresh your plugins while in studio (which just re-runs the plugin now and crashes your studio again!!) Thanks @realhigbead I did not know this

The Concept

So what I did was create a test plugin that would crash any place you opened while you have the plugin installed (Simple while true do end). The way I bypassed the issue is first navigating to my plugin’s folder. Then I just replaced the .rbxm file for the plugin with an empty string.

Step 1

To get there, first go to your ROBLOX files. A shortcut to get there is to press the Windows Key and R at the same time, which will prompt Run. Enter this after opening run: %localappdata%\Roblox\InstalledPlugins

Example of what you should see


After that navigate to your plugins folder which is designated by your UserId. What is a UserId? Well its just an ID assigned to every user. Quickly get yours from your profile link. Here is an example of mine.

Getting your user id


Step 2

Next find the folder with the plugin that is causing you this grief. You can do this by just going to the page of the plugin you recently installed that caused this.

Navigating the folders


Open the folder inside of the plugin’s folder and you will see a Plugin.rbxm file.

What you're looking for


Open the file in a text editor of your choice. I will be using Visual Studio Code. Don’t get scared when you see this mess

What you'll likely see inside

Just select everything and delete it. Then after that just save the file. (Note this will cause an error when you open a place, if you dont want this error to appear replace the contents of the file with <roblox></roblox> instead)



Step 3

Congrats! You can now run studio without crashing!


Oh. My. God. Thanks so much you saved my life! Now I can finally continue updating my games! :grin: