Studio Place Lists / Favorites

As a developer that works in a lot of places and games it is currently difficult to find and organize my places and games in the studio launcher. There is a lot of clicking involved to navigate between the tabs and sorts of games with no way to organize any page in a way that feels productive. Archiving games helps to alleviate some of the clutter, but it doesn’t totally solve the organization problems.

For one of the games I work on I’m in the following situation:

  • I have the main game published to group A
  • I have 1 team create published to group B for work on the game
  • I have 4 testing places published to my profile for the game
  • I have 5 local files that get frequent use for work on the game
  • I have 3 team creates published to my profile for work on the game
  • I have 5 team creates I’m invited to for work on the game

To navigate between all the places requires a lot of changing tabs, a lot of reading and looking at place icons to find the correct place, a lot of switching between groups, and a lot of windows explorer navigating. Once you do find your place there is still the risk that opening it will cause a reset of your workflow making the entire opening process that much more tedious.

My current solution to organizing this:

  • A bookmarks folder in my web browser with all my team creates. It’s quicker to navigate that folder and launch from the website than it is to launch from studio.
  • A folder with shortcuts to all my local files so I don’t have to dig through their file structure.
  • A slow and cautious publishing experience since publishing anything is a dangerous process.

The solution I’d like to propose would be to add another studio page similar to Archive that allows us to build lists of places. It’d be functionally similar to music playlists, just with Roblox places instead of songs.

If Roblox were to implement this it would solve the clutter and organization issues that developers are exposed to daily basis in order to work on their games. Being able to consolidate game development places into a single location would be huge.