Studio process ended while saving, file now can't be opened

I was in the middle of saving a place and studio closed, so now I’m stuck with a corrupted place file and no autosave. I remember seeing that it had autosaved in the output window, but there’s no sign of a file in my autosave folder.

This is the error that I get when I attempt to open the file:
Could not open the place “C:/Users/Main/Documents/RBXFiles/mbdealership.rbxl” with exception: “SerializerPugi::deserializeImpl ill-formed XML.”.

Any help?


The file is either corrupted or it’s some kind of bug. :thinking:

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the only thing you can do now is try to search for autosaves as roblox usually does that, if you dont see any autosave then :
go to your computer>c>your user
then in windows explorer search roblox and wait a few seconds, it should show all roblox files, if there are any autosaves they should be displayed too.Dont just check in the folder, where you save it.

check in your documents folder too.But from my experience , I had a game that i’d been working on for months and one day the studio crashed and I lost my file and couldnt open it at all and all the autosaves were too old, without the big changes, and once I opened it some days later after I found it somewhere else , other than where I usually save my files, It “magically” reappeared, in another folder .So do check everywhere you couldve saved an autosave in the wrong place too . Hope you can find an autosave file somewhere else.
This might help as well

(ill formed-xml error)

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Hello there! I have fallen victim to this agitating bug. So we are on the same page. Have you made back-ups, if so then well done! You plan ahead unlike me, if not then I hate to break it to you but it cannot be restored (from what I know). It’s gone forever and cannot be recovered, I mean you can’t “un-corrupt” it.

Hope you didn’t lose a large portion of work,


Pssst, wrong category. It’s meant to be in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

I, too, have experienced this issue.

Thankfully, in my case, I had made a second copy of my game as an additional safety net. Although I lost all the work that I had done that session, the game was retrievable. I had to open my backup copy and then perform as ‘save as’ to save it on top of the corrupted copy.

I’m guessing that you haven’t made additional copies of your game. May I enquire, are you able to revert to an earlier version of your game, from your website Roblox page?

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Thanks for the replies, but I just ended up rebuilding it. Autosave failed me apparently as it has been set to 1 minute as long as I have had studio because I didn’t want to have this issue. I saved plenty of times, but I guess I will just be more careful next time. :hugs:

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