Studio should not attempt to create a desktop shortcut every time it updates

As a Roblox developer, I access Roblox Studio via the Start menu on Windows or I just open a file directly. I don’t really use my desktop, and I prefer it that way. However, Roblox Studio creates a new desktop shortcut every time it updates on Windows 10, and I have to delete it every time since I prefer my desktop clean.

It would be great if there could be a setting (preferably one that defaults to false, unless there is evidence that more people prefer it generating a shortcut than not) that determines whether Studio creates a shortcut on the desktop whenever Studio updates.

If Roblox can address this issue, I would not need to delete the shortcut every week after Studio updates.


I’ve lately been needing to delete the Studio shortcut off my desktop. I don’t recall Studio updates creating a new shortcut until the last half of last year.


This is seriously starting to infuriate me, together with that shortcut in the start menu.

I use CloneTrooper1019’s Roblox Studio Mod Manager on a daily basis and the issue is that the Windows’ search function first checks the desktop and start for its results, meaning I have to find and delete 4 shortcuts every time a small update is released. Of which 2 just open the browser and the other 2 are for a program I don’t even want


I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to have to delete the shortcut everytime Roblox updates. Creating desktop shortcuts should be an opt-in feature.


This has to stop immediately!

Not only does Roblox attempt to create a desktop shortcut every time it updates, it also resets my pin on the Start menu.

This is extremely frustrating and repetitive, I have deleted the shortcut at least over 100 times at this point.


We’re in 2022 and Studio still forces a shortcut on my desktop every time I open it after an update. Any update on this? Is there a setting to disable this?


I feel like this is definitely possible for the engineers to change, nevertheless it’s still a massive pain and I’m frustrated that this behaviour is still the default. As previously mentioned, a toggle button may suffice, however I don’t believe that Roblox should be re-creating the shortcut to begin with. Anything deleted off the desktop is done for a purpose.


Roblox please… I recently got a laptop for work, so now I’m having to delete 2 shortcuts every time it updates. It’s such a simple thing and I’m not sure why it can’t just be quickly addressed.


I’m going to bump this. I don’t use the desktop to open applications. Instead, I like to put files on my desktop into folders to keep them organized, and having to delete the Roblox Player and Studio shortcuts every single time has always been quite annoying.

A potential solution would be to make Roblox’s installer to follow a wizard, which would include a setting to turn off desktop shortcuts (and even start menu shortcuts). A setup wizard could add even more customization to the installation process (default installation directory), which is going to be extremely useful as Roblox transitions from a website to a desktop app.

Here’s an example of an setup wizard on Windows.



Definitely annoying, I agree. Can’t Roblox do something about it?


Oh what a coincidence, I was searching this thread to bump it to find you already doing that.

It would be great if Roblox finally solved this, I like to keep my desktop clean so I put all the programs I use in development in one folder to access them quickly. I find it very annoying to delete the shortcut every time Roblox updates and creates a new one, despite the working shortcut already existing.


I like to keep my application shortcuts in a specific folder, so every time Roblox updates, it puts another shortcut on my desktop and I have to delete the old invalid one and drag the new shortcut in my folder every time. I don’t have any other applications that do this.


roblox player now also insists on dropping shortcuts on my desktop. this is driving me crazy


Its because roblox, instead of updating the current files. Creates a completely seperate version folder everytime you update it. It messes up my computer every single time. I dont get why they just dont overwrite the last version folder.


Essentially your reinstalling studio every single time you update it. But they install it in a completely different folder.


Bumping this.
They should just put a LATEST.lnk shortcut in the parent directory of the version and at each update, change where it points to, and prompt the user if they want a shortcut on their desktop and start menu pointing at the other shortcut.
(very confusing I know sorry)

Or maybe to check if a shortcut is already on the desktop and if it does, replace it.
I swear that back then it did that. Also for the taskbar too.

(Or maybe just to install updates in the same folder everytime, maybe with different folder for each branch like Live or ZCanary)


I think the simple fix for this issue is to have this feature as an opt-in thing when you first install Studio.

Personally, this has never been a problem for me, that said I also don’t use shortcuts on my home desktop, I hide them away so I only have a background.


No it should just be fixed in general. Nobody wants a continuously creating desktop shortcut.

Thanks but please avoid commenting on bug reports if you are not experiencing any problem, and let the engineers think about how it should be fixed.


I keep my desktop clean. Every week Roblox will add 2 new shortcuts. Stop it


3 years and still getting new icons every week :smiling_face_with_tear: